Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Saudis at the Vatican

Reuters reports on a historic meeting between Pope Benedict XVI and Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah in Vatican City:

Pope Benedict and Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah held a historic meeting on Tuesday and discussed the situation of minority Christians in the Islamic country where the Vatican wants them to have more freedom.

...The Vatican wants greater rights for the 1 million Catholics who live in Saudi Arabia, most of them migrant workers who are not allowed to practice their religion in public... They are only allowed to worship in private places, usually homes, and cannot wear signs of their faith in public...

...Vatican officials often ask why church construction is banned in Saudi Arabia while Muslims can build mosques in Europe.

Why indeed.

Gateway Pundit has the best reaction to the gift of... a sword.

...The perfect gift for every Christian religious leader on your list... It's perfect for those hard to slice Vatican vegetables.

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