Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The GOP Platform I'd Like to See

These are the ten key planks I'd like to see.

*  Stronger national defense   - increase the size, capability and efficiency of our Armed Forces

*  Physical barriers at the border   - stop illegal immigration completely now. Did you hear me? Now!

*  Energy Independence   - open up ANWR and the OCS to exploration; aggressively pursue nuclear energy; and incent private industry to aggressively pursue clean, renewable energy sources.

*  English only   - the sole national language is English; it must be legal for all governmental entities and businesses to require English from its employees

*  Flat tax/Fair tax   - revamp the tax system and eradicate a tax code gone mad

*  Reduce the size of government   - provide "whistleblower-style" awards for reducing the size of government and task the IRS (which will no longer have to worry about enforcing the tax code) with achieving the reduction goals on an annual basis

*  Address health-care deficiencies   - with competitive, free-market solutions, not Government largesse

*  Death to earmarks   - they must go! Or their supporters must go.

*  Zero tolerance for Congressional corruption   - accelerate FBI investigations of Congress and remove all barriers for investigating corruption.

*  Use Quarterly Report Cards and Bully Pulpit   - anyone in the Executive Office ever heard of Powerpoint? Every quarter the President should get on prime-time TV and issue a report card on progress in the nine preceding areas. If Congress is lagging, he should use the bully pulpit to lobby the American people. And, for heaven's sake, use Powerpoint or some other highly graphical medium for getting the point across.

Update: thanks to Reliapundit for pointing out the omission on energy policy.

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