Saturday, November 17, 2007

Eliot ("I'm a f****ing steamroller") Spitzer gets flattened

Eliot ("I'm a f***ing steamroller") Spitzer was just pounded flatter than a tater-tot stashed under Michael Moore's mattress. The Washington Post reports that Spitzer has (ahem) reconsidered his plan to issue drivers licenses to illegal aliens ("Spitzer Drops License Plan, But Damage to Democrats is Done"):

After all the hoopla, N.Y. Gov. Eliot Spitzer is dropping his plan to provide driver's licenses to illegal immigrants. But the damage to the Democratic presidential candidates - and, overwhelmingly, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton - is done.

Clinton waffled on the question of whether she supported the Spitzer proposal during an Oct. 30 debate that has haunted her in the weeks since. In her answer that night, Clinton both defended and objected to the idea of giving permits to undocumented residents...

Word has it that Hillary's staffers were madder than hornets at Spitzer and forced his hand. Why? Because any issue where she is forced to explain her true position is certain to upset the vast majority of American people. And this issue can't be triangulated: it's either "Yes, I support drivers licenses for illegals" or "No, I don't."

These kinds of questions are the ones that Hillary despises because they force her to take a stand. And taking a stand is certain to result in the Queen Triangulator's defeat.

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