Saturday, November 03, 2007

Communist, Terrorist, Troofer convergence in SF

LGF operative Zombie has complete photo coverage of the anti-war rally in San Francisco on October 27th. The undead blogger captured the confluence of Hamas supporters, Communists, anti-semites, 9/11 troofers and "peaceniks" that make up the hard left bank of today's Democratic Party.

9/11 an inside job? I hadn't heard. Tell me more.

Code Pink in a kaffiyeh: fashion faux pas.

I love the fall in San Francisco: Hamas flags waving among the leaves.

Your friendly, neighborhood terrorist supporters, Local 172.

Zombie's caption: The Holy Grail of protest photos: woman wearing a kaffiyeh while carrying a "9/11 Truth" sign!

Zombie Time: SF Anti-War Rally, 10/27/2007

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