Thursday, March 12, 2009

American's didn't vote for a Rush to Failure, but that's what we got with the Pelosi-Obama-Reid Democrats

Can you guess what job one is for the Obama administration? Aggressively shoring up the banks? Reassuring battered investors in order to heal the wounded stock market? Going after the unbelievable levels of corruption in Congress? Addressing the meltdown of Pakistan's nuclear-armed government? Coming to a missile shield compromise with eastern Europe and Russia?

Nope -- none of those. If you had answered "implementing an anti-Rush Limbaugh billboard", you'd have been spot on.

The Democrats held a contest and this was the winning design.

I did a slight touch-up.

Gateway Pundit calls it "lame". I think he's being overly kind.

At first glance, I actually thought it was an anti-Obama billboard. After all, "Americans didn't vote for a Rush to Failure," but that's what we got with President Training Wheels.

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