Friday, March 13, 2009

Larwyn's Link Kerplosion: "In over his head"

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A Congressional Disgrace: Maxine Waters: JWF
52 days, 52 mistakes: Surber
US jet shoots down Iranian drone over Iraq: Wired

More questioning: is Obama's in over his head?: Wizbang!
Of course he's a socialist!: AT (Lewis)
Listen to the enemy: Prairie

Tapper vs. Mumbles: Surber
Russian Expert Warns Of Iranian Threat: LegalIns
Blame the 'Lobby': WaPo

Gregg: Obama budget forecast is a lie: Instapundit
Details of the bribery scheme: Ace
New York Slimes Death Spiral Watch: AT (Lifson)

What an honest Obama campaign would have sounded like: Hanson
Obama's budget: there will be blood: PJM (Kimball)
Remember 'Ready to rule on day one?': AmDig

Socialized medicine, cap-and-trade needed to fix economy: Gateway
What Senators didn't hear about Somali-American Jihadists: PJM (Poole)
Looking more like malevolence every day: Southern Appeal

The Revenue Stimulus: Prairie
Obama's toxic brew: Swirsky
Buster, Technology & Foosball: Anchoress

Barking Moonbat Awards Nominee: Brutally
Lion meat: Coulter vs. Maher: Big Hollywood
Google rewires your phone service: CNet

The Last Ace: Atlantic:

American pilots haven’t shot down many enemy jets in modern times, because few nations have dared rise to the challenge of trying to fight them. The F‑15, the backbone of America’s air power for more than a quarter century, may just be the most successful weapon in history. It is certainly the most successful fighter jet. In combat, its kill ratio over more than 30 years is 107 to zero. Zero. In three decades of flying, no F‑15 has ever been shot down by an enemy plane—and that includes F‑15s flown by air forces other than America’s. Rival fighters rarely test those odds. Many of Saddam Hussein’s MiGs fled into Iran when the U.S. attacked during the Gulf War. Of those who did fight the F-15, like the unfortunate pilot framed on Rodriguez’s wall, every last one was shot down. The lesson was remembered. When the U.S. invaded Iraq in 2003, Saddam didn’t just ground his air force, he buried it.

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