Sunday, March 15, 2009

Larwyn's Link Kerplosion: All the news that didn't get printed

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The Manipulator-Fearmonger-Deceiver in Chief: Wizbang!
Iran will 'threaten the whole of Europe': RIA Novosti
A Political Conspiracy: An Agenda Revealed: EU Referendum

Email the Taliban: Jawa
This was a test -- and we failed: PRS
Hack journalism at its worst: Pool Bar

All the news that didn't get printed: AT (Weltz)
O-bots get their marching orders: This ain't hell
Behind a rush to failure: Carnal Reason

Michelle's boot camps for radicals: Bowers
Olbermann's manhood question: by Daily Kos!: OlbyWatch
YerUnk bans his first commenter: Crazy Uncle

Live-blogging the Lula-Obama press conference: Fausta
IL governor wants 50% increase in state income tax: PolClass
"Newsroom Armageddon" at KC Star: McClatchy Watch

Unions gooning it up for Card Check: AT (Lasky)
Sweet! Bronx Democrat Gets 'Rangel' Tax Break... In Maryland: JWF
The laughable Bob Herbert backs Chi-town airport boondoggle: AT (Moran)

You’ll get my heirloom tomatoes when you pry them from my cold, dead hands: Protein Wisdom
3/12 Obama bravely confronts 2/5 Obama: Steely
Obamaland: Tarpon's Swamp

SgtMaj Bradley Kasal, Navy Cross, USMC, Iraq, Afton, IA: WoTN
Media Forgets Obama's Justice Nominee was a Terrorist's Lawyer: NewsBusters
U. Chicago to review Michelle Obama's efforts shunting patients to other hospitals: Marathon

15 Beautiful Microscopic Images from Inside the Human Body: EnvGraf
Paraplegic man suffers spider bite, walks again: CBS
Another Conficker variant: Schneier

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