Thursday, March 19, 2009

Larwyn's Link Kerplosion: "It's a record! $11 trillion in debt!"

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The knock on the door: AT (Manning)
It's a record: $11 trillion in debt: Bachmann
The Obama Pledge: AT (Lifson)

The Prosperity Killers: Kudlow
Spare us your fake fury, DC hypocrites: Malkin
Slamming Obama's Cap-and-Trade Scheme: BMW

Census: officially hijacked by the left: Liberal Heretic
ACORN's Federal Judge: Spectator
Geithner vs. Dodd?: Instapundit

Fed's balance sheet now 25% of GDP: PJM (Fernandez)
Will Dodd and Obama return their AIG bonuses?: LGF
Obama & co. theater: chaos and cajolery: Anchoress

Team Obama: Incompetent or Dishonest?: MoneyRunner
Wishing Well: S, C & A
Pelosi: enforcement of immigration laws is "un-American": Fox

Dodd slaps forehead, recalls he did approve AIG bonuses: JWF
Talking with the Mullahs: it's been tried: Ledeen
4 Fannie execs get $1.6MM in bonuses: WaPo

Obama's teleprompter claims another victim: Ace ("Diplomatic Immunity!", it cried)
Obama climate plan tab could run $2 trillion: Times
MO police given chilling instructions: AT (Birdnow)

Unveiling the "Sixth Sense," game-changing wearable tech: TED
A Modest Proposal to Prevent the Pernicious Warming of our Fair Globe: Jonathan Swift
Newspaper Generator: Fodey

No Longer Just Paranoia: Shooting Wire ()

For months, anyone who's proffered the position that the Obama Administration was anti-gun has been dismissed as being a variety of things, from sore loser to rampant paranoid. Nonetheless, since assuming office, members of the Obama administration have steadily- and stealthily- moved against firearms and ammunition.

Their only public blunder was Attorney General Holder's saying the "assault weapons ban" needed to be reinstated. Quickly, House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi - no friend of gun owners - went on record as opposing Holder's suggestion. She went as far as to parrot the words of pro-gun groups, saying the government should enforce the laws on the books today, rather than introducing new laws...

Last Friday, the anglers and hunters were notified that the National Park Service planned to make all lands under their control totally lead-free by 2010. No lead in ammo or fishing tackle...

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