Thursday, March 12, 2009

Obama's neighborhood pal now an accused cop-killer

"There is no statute of limitations on murder"

Barack Obama's relationship with Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers nearly sabotaged his presidential campaign when it came to light. Only the protection of the mainstream media, which refused to report on the Obama-Ayers relationship, salvaged his run for the presidency.

After all, Ayers is an unapologetic terrorist and a member of a group that killed at least three police officers.

The Weather Underground also supported other radical groups that murdered nine other police officers in cold blood.

The relationship between Ayers and Obama was not a casual one. From 1995 to 2001, they served together as directors of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge. This leftist board (funded by a wealthy Republican, interestingly enough) doled out more than $100 million, much of it to radical groups. In fact, during his failed run for Congress in 2000, Obama claimed this experience with Ayers as his central qualification.

Ayers and Obama also served on the board of the Woods Fund, which funneled money to controversial groups like ACORN -- infamous for rampant voter registration fraud.

Ayers, to this day, is unapologetic about his terrorism and his revolutionary goals. He vocally supports the overthrow of the U.S. government on his blog. And in his memoir, Ayers declines to specify the bombings he participated in, writing that "some details cannot be told."

Speaking at the National Press Club today, representatives of the San Francisco Police Officers Association stated that they believe Bill Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dohrn arranged the 1970 nail-bombing that killed San Francisco police officer Sgt. Brian McDonnell.

Larry Grathwohl, an FBI informant who infiltrated the Weather Underground, stated, "I have testified, spoken, and written about the involvement of Weather Underground terrorist leaders Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn in [the] bombing on February 16, 1970, [that] took the life of Sergeant Brian V. McDonnell. There is no statute of limitations on murder."

"Bill Ayers had debriefed me regarding every aspect of the plans we had developed before telling me I was being reassigned to Madison. Bill’s two major requirements were that the bombs go off at the same time and that the greatest number of police officers would be killed or injured. Both bombs were to contain fence staples or roofing nails to ensure this effect. Bill Ayers didn’t care if innocent people were also killed or injured. Bill had even gone so far as to tell us that the bomb at the 13th precinct should be placed on a window ledge."

Retired San Francisco police officer James Pera also spoke earlier today. "I was working the 7pm to 3am shift, with my partner, Bob Fife... While on Haight Street and several blocks from the station, an emergency call came out over our police radio... "406 Park Station. Send six ambulances. We just had a bombing!"'"

"...There had, indeed, been a bombing and the first thing that my eyes beheld were two of my fellow police officers, Ron Martin and Al Arnaud... Martin and Arnaud had been about to enter their police vehicle... when the bomb went off, its deadly fragments barely missing them. Fortunately, for them, the Sergeant’s Police vehicle... took the brunt of the outward blast, saving the two officers from death."

"...My partner and I stood outside, cordoning off the area, for several hours, as investigators and brass arrived and started collecting evidence and towing vehicles. We watched as the ambulances came and left, carrying our wounded coworkers... Once released from perimeter security, I went into the station, along with my partner and saw first-hand the carnage that the bomb had reaped upon my work place and friends..."

"...Blood was all over the floor, desks and walls and was heaviest where Sergeant Brian V. McDonnell suffered mortal wounds to his neck, eyes, face and brain... The station looked like a scene one might expect to see in a war, with wounded officers, blood, shattered windows, damaged walls, floors and ceilings, but then -- it was a war..."

"The bomb had been set to explode at the change of watch, when the largest number of police officers would be in the business office, coming on and going off duty. The oncoming officers would be filling out hot sheets, making entries in their notebooks and checking teletypes for wanted criminals and crimes that had occurred. The officers going off duty would be wrapping up their paper work and finishing up reports, prior to reporting off duty... The bomb went off prematurely by a few minutes and many of the officers were still upstairs in the locker room or just coming down and the office wasn't loaded with the full capacity that it would have been a few minutes later."

"...When the bomb exploded, Sergeant Brian McDonnell, along with Officer Fogarty, took the brunt of the blast. The sergeant took shrapnel, which consisted of barbed wire fence post staples through his eyes, throat and brain. Officer Fogarty took nineteen of the staples in his body, miraculously none of them hitting any vital organs, but blinding him in one eye, an injury that ultimately led to his retiring on disability."

"...the sergeant died a couple of days later, without regaining consciousness. He left a wife and two kids. He was forty-five years old, his life snuffed out by the murderous cowards of the Weather Underground... Think about the tragedy that befell the McDonnell family, a family that had already lost two other members, in the line of duty, the first in the 1930s and another in the 1950s... Think of Sgt. McDonnell, his life stolen from him, at the age of 45, and his wife and children being left without a father and husband..."

"Think about all the wounded and maimed officers and their families... Think about the ignorant and clueless people who believe that just because this incident happened thirty nine years ago that "we should just all move on and let the past stay in the past." I've got news for them. The dead don't rise. They stay dead."

"Think about Sergeant McDonnell and all the murdered and maimed victims, of the Weather Underground, when you see the smug, unrepentant face of the sniveling, gutter crawling rat, who goes by the name of Professor Bill Ayers... Think about his loathsome wife, Bernardine Dohrn, who has been named by former undercover informant, Larry Grathwohl, as the wretched sub-human scumbag who planted the bomb that killed Sergeant McDonnell."

"Think about these two criminals, Ayers and Dohrn, who got off on technicalities because a judge ruled that evidence against them collected by the FBI was inadmissible... Think about Ayers' statement, after the dismissal of criminal charges, when he said, 'Guilty as hell and free as a bird.' ...Think about Ayers and Dohrn and their positions, as educators, at two different prestigious universities, the University of Illinois at Chicago and Northwestern University..."

"...Think of how they have access to the minds of impressionable young students, in the controlled environment of academia, free to spread the radical ideas that they espouse, some of which were developed and nurtured on trips to Cuba and in consultation with agents from other communist countries. Think about the role that they play as they endeavor to corrupt a whole new generation of young, impressionable people, to their radical Marxist ideas..."

"...Think about how Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn and others of their ilk have lived and prospered in our society, a society that they had hoped to destroy..."

"You will find that under those calm facades and intellectual masks, that Bill Ayers and his wife, Bernardine Dohrn, are vicious, cowardly terrorists."

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(*Sigh* -- had Dirty Harry only caught up with Ayers and Dohrn...)


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