Friday, March 27, 2009

Larwyn's Link Kerplosion: Carter looks bold by comparison

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Rahm Emanuel's Freddie Mac Windfall: JWF
Geithner's On-The-Job Training: Fausta
The Left's attempts to bankrupt Palin Family: JoshuaPundit

A mysterious attack in Sudan: Telegraph
Will Rahm return his Freddie Mac spoils?: Flopping Aces
Mark Levin rips Obama and Geithner to shreds: Scoffery

The Elitist War on Hard Work: Anchoress
Liberals demand Obama slash defense: Hill
'Iron Dome' defense shield tested: Prairie

GOP Road to Recovery: Rubin
Sale of a Lifetime: S, C & A
Democrats call for Tomahawk strike against NK launchpad: LGF

Communist nut didn't fall far from the tree: Lord
Expanded Americorps has an authoritarian feel: Examiner
More a precocious college student than a world leader: NRO

Levin's timely reminder: Morris
How can Obama justify grabbing $4 billion from American charities?: Corner
Democrat Governor accused of harassing Republican who filed Sunshine Law Request: BMW

White House: Your Questions on the Economy: Mr. P. K.
Local television ads are great: Break
Best tax deductions of all time: Yahoo Finance

Obama's foreign failures: Peters

...The one bright spot [in Obama's foreign policy debacle] thus far has been Iraq, where Obama quickly tossed aside his campaign promises. The O-man doesn't want to be on the blame-line for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory in Baghdad. And his supporters can throw all the tantrums they want. (Breaking news, folks: O's a professional pol, not the messiah . . . )

Apart from Iraq a success Sen. Obama did all he could to prevent his foreign policy's an instant wasteland. By comparison, the Carter administration is starting to look like a model of manly strength, courage and patriotism.

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