Monday, March 30, 2009

Larwyn's Link Kerplosion: The Conservative Manifesto

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The New Contract with America: AT (Glazebrook)
Napalitano 'postpones' enforcement efforts: Prairie
How can volunteerism be mandatory?: Press-Democrat

Is 'Organizing for America' Illegal?: B&R
Obama's "Industrialists": MoneyRunner
Unintended successes of big government: Online Athens

The President's words were disappointing: Yon
Tax on AIG bonuses spits on Constitution: Birmingham
Racial Profiling: Atlas

A challenge to liberals--Listen to Limbaugh: LA Times
Misery manufactured by Arabs: Mansur
Ambassador’s Warning to the French: Brussels

All’s Not Well at ACORN-Aligned Radical Union SEIU: CFP
Rise of sea levels is 'the greatest lie ever told': Telegraph
Al Gore leaves the lights on for ya': Nashville Post

Chicago, my kind of town... Daley Kin Lawyer Up: Sun-Times
Change! Iranians help North Korea with missile launch: Gateway
Changing Rhetoric while Plagiarizing Policy: Flopping Aces

The Washington Post: uninformed or lying about terrorist scumbags: Corner
The two-state solution is now 87 years old: AT (Sharpe)
Bishop will take a rain check, skip Obama at Notre Dame: Surber

I pledge allegiance to the Obama
Of the Democrat Chicago machine
And to the corruption
From which he profits
One Teleprompter
Under pressure
With tyranny and oppression of all.

-- Laura in Maryland.

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