Sunday, March 15, 2009

Twoface: the trailer

What do you call yourself?
Barry Milhaus Obama. But you can call me TwoFace.

A film by

We gotta get money. We get money, then we get power. We get power...

David Axelrod

You stay loyal to me, Tony Rezko, and the sky's the limit.

Me, I want what's coming to me.
Well... what's coming to you?
The world, Rahm-o. And everything in it.

I always tell the truth, Barry, even when I lie.

You gotta look in your eye, like you haven't had sex in years.

Tee hee!

You're a small-timer, Rezko. I'm big-time. I'm moving on.

Look, I helped you buy your house. I supported your first campaign... please, can't we come to some arrangement??? Please?

Rahm-o, you keep your eyes and hands away from Michelle...

Stay away from her!

My nightclub...



I told you, Barry -- don't f*** me. Don't you ever try to f** me.

You think I'm scared of Bill Clinton? Well, f*** Bill Clinton! And f*** James Carville!

He's won the nomination? Running to the left of Hillary? Why that son-of-a-...

It's Wednesday night. Party night. And no one's coming to me.

To the f***ing White House!


It's Tea Party Time, Obama! We're comin' for you!

Twoface. Coming soon to theaters everywhere.

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