Saturday, March 21, 2009

Larwyn's Link Kerplosion: Living on Homeric Time

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Obama's overture to Iran. And Iran's response.: Fausta
Bush did it: unlwaful combatants: Hanson
Altruism at the point of a gun: Moran

Megyn Kelly rips ACORN scumbag a new one: DequalsS
Conyers suggests probe of ACORN: Times
When will Obama wag the dog?: Beldar

Are we a Banana Republic?: Power Line
Worst political class ever: MoneyRunner
The Return of Slavery to the U.S.: Red Ink TX

Megaphone envy and the Fairness Doctrine: AT (Somsel)
Maxine Waters calls out Obama: Surber
Radical Islam is coming to America: PJM (Gaffney)

It's a small world, George Soros: PJM (Fernandez)
A raw deal for Muslim women: PJM (Poole)
Obama: not ready for prime time: Riehl (actually, he's as ready as any Marxist President we've had)

Global warming researchers stranded in Arctic by freeze: AT (Fenig)
Help the Obama Family Name Their New Dog: Lucianne
Dept. of Stupid Questions, Peggy Noonan Edition: American Digest

Sayet says it: RWN
Noted Incompetent Stutters, Mumbles Way Through Press Conference: Ace
A $2.3 trillion worse deficit... in one month: Dinocrat

Living on Homeric time: Crittenden

...Six years later, I can drive up the highway without the mild g-force of acceleration, forward movement of the vehicle, triggering a flood of armored assault memories. Emotional reactions at thoughts of the dead and sacrifice are generally less intense and do not interrupt conversation. But I still look at Purple Heart license plates and think, “That guy knows.” Talking a lot and writing a lot was good.

Hundreds of thousands more who are still in this war, or whose experience was more recent, more intense, whose losses are limbs and loved ones, don’t have the luxury of time and distance. I am grateful this anniversary finds us in a time of relative quiet, the dying and maiming greatly diminished, and I pray that our leaders are wise and capable enough to carry us through the next phase of this long war. Because it is far from over.

A friend of mine who claims some ability to read signs told me six years plus a few weeks ago in an email that this business would dominate my life for 10 years. Looks to be more or less true, though not to the extent it could have. That Homeric timeframe clearly applies to our nation, for which much is still at risk and much can yet go badly wrong, and which will be lucky to be done with this war, both Iraq and Afghanistan and the greater war in the world, within a 10-year span. Then, we still have our homecoming Odyssey still ahead of us.

Memory lane, which is a route through the desert, the Euphrates Valley, up Baghdad’s grand boulevards and through the Assassin’s Gate... Continue reading.

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