Friday, March 20, 2009

Larwyn's Link Kerplosion: Will Dems go broke for Obama?

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Documenting The POR Economy's Damage: BizzyBlog
CNN admits that Dodd lied: Hot Air
Call for Obama's teleprompter to resign: RedState

McCotter pwns Dems over fake AIG outrage: Jawa
Workers go on strike against Union: Prairie
Ouch: Obama mocks Special Olympians on Leno: Corner

ACORN, fraud and the Obama campaign: Fausta
Obama's failure to lead: AT (Rooney)
Who doesn't love the JournoList?: JOM

What is Marxism?: Plaut
ACORN stands accused of mob tactics: Times
Your money or your life: Corner

An Arab-made Misery: WSJ (Darwish)
Dodd's pathetic loophole: Fausta
Turnabout: Dinocrat

Top Schumer Aide Indicted for $35M Pension Fraud: LegalIns
Why Obama's teleprompter gafffe tape matters: Big Hollywood
Newsman Olbermann unsure of what the letters "AIG" stand for and where it's headquartered: NewsBusters

American Tea Party Anthem: Lloyd Marcus
Four senators will likely decide fate of Card Check: LogMan
Labor's European Model: WSJ

US Army mysteriously appears in Alabama: MsU
Bayh's New Gang of 15 May Put Brakes on Obama Agenda: PolMac
What the Second Amendment is really for: Suzanna Gratia-Hupp

Rescind John Murtha's Award from the Navy: LGF
Blogger interviewed by Fox News: BMW
Report details Countrywide's VIP loan program: WaPo

NASA token moonbat complains: Democratic process isn't working to fight global warming: Guardian
Obama's thoughtful, historically-rich gift of Blockbuster Video Val-U-Pak doesn't even f***ing work in England: Ace
Will the Democrats go broke for Obama?: AT (Lewis)

This is the strangest, scariest political season in a long time. The Obama crowd is going for a Great Leap Forward, with socialized medicine, government ownership of the banks, industry-killing carbon taxes, daily scapegoating of the rich, and now depriving wounded veterans of their VA benefits, along with trillion dollar bailouts just for starters.

They can't seem to stop themselves; the impact of bulging deficits forever and ever doesn't seem to scare them. Printing trillions of dollars is bound to trigger enormous inflation and widespread impoverishment -- that's what inflation does -- but that doesn't seem to bother them either. Carteresque stagflation is predictable, and even a devaluation of the dollar, as George Soros has been hoping for all along...

The fact that Treasury is having trouble staffing its upper 14 appointments below Geithner means that people in the know about Obama's economic policies are running scared. They don't want to get involved, even if they have hungered after those plum jobs their whole lives. That tells you what the savviest Democrats are thinking.

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