Monday, March 16, 2009

Larwyn's Link Kerplosion: Is the Stimulus Unconstitutional?

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Cincinnati Tea Party: Instapundit
Aid trap in Africa: Prairie
Chuck Norris vs. the Moonbats: PJM (Owens)

Newspapers, hail and farewell: PJM (Malone)
Is the Stimulus Bill Unconstitutional?: Power Line
Huge: Thousands Converge for Tea Party: Malkin

In Memoriam: Ron Silver: PJM (Simon)
Dodd's real estate deals among friends: Courant
Who's the next victim of the Left's smear campaign?: JWF

The joke's on them: the Brokest Generation: Dinocrat
Ruh roh. Reich goes to war with Geithner: ABC
The O and the I word: Surber

Porkialism under assault: Crittenden
Operation Rush failed: Surber
Clock starts ticking on Geithner: Whig

Something wicked this way comes: AT (Smith)
Global warming's no longer happening: So why are eco types ignoring record lows?: Edmonton
Nebraska Sets the Standard on Government Accountability: WSJ

How to destroy civilization with nanotechnology: LGF
David Frum: Greedy Limbaugh Stole My Crown Of Evil: Cube
How modern liberals think: Evan Sayet

Obama open to taxing health benefits, average tax cost for each family: $5K annually: Political Class

Barack “tax cut for 95%” Obama now wants to tax your health benefits. Yet another great way to take money away from the people that use it to buy things and thus create jobs. Oh wait – Obama doesn’t believe in such things. As such he is now ready to take away more money from your family...

Now for those of you that have any memory left of the presidential campaign last year it was Obama that made fun of John McCain for supporting this idea...

The average salary in the United States is about $39,200. Therefore taxing health benefits would cost the average two income household about $5,000 per year or $416 per month. So just sell one of your cars. Maybe just stop saving for your kids to go to college. Put that IRA contribution on hold you greedy capitalists...

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