Saturday, March 28, 2009

Larwyn's Link Kerplosion: The BS Detector Explodes

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ACLU accidentally tells the truth: STACLU
Wanna trust Congress with health care after AIG?: Morrissey
NYT 2000 vs. 2009: Profile in Inconsistency: AT (Cary)

Drug-testing for Welfare recipients?: STACLU
China's Bull Shop: Crittenden
Motivational Poster o' the Day: R&R

Spain proves "green jobs" are "lost jobs": Ace
Officials spooked by bird flu mix-up: Fierce Biotech
Understanding Oliphant's Cartoon: Greenwald

Freedom... or bread?: Social Sense
"You did nothing!": YouTube
Punked by Obama: This Ain't Hell

Freddie Mac records on Rahm Emanuel exempt from FOIA: RTI
American Mob Rule: We Need a Socrates in Washington: Hanson
Vatican: Catholics Who Voted for Obama Cooperated With Evil: CNS

Oops!: History Channel
Forget Earth Hour, UN should just turn off the lights for good: AmRight
The BS detector explodes: Slate (Kaus)

The Obama-Clinton Foreign Policy Disaster: EIB

I'll tell you what's really scary about US foreign policy right now is that Hillary Clinton is incompetent. I mean incompetent, going to Mexico, joking about don't drink the water and then praising them about their environmental advancements and then on Greta begging the North Korea communists to call her?

The scary thing is she's twice the man Obama is, and that illustrates just how precarious our circumstance is. And how about this guy from down in Brazil? People love Brazil, Rio de Janeiro and so forth. President Lulu says that white people with blue eyes caused the financial crisis. Lets me off the hook, my eyes are hazel. White people with blue eyes is a racist comment, ladies and gentlemen. White people with blue eyes caused the financial crisis...

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