Monday, March 23, 2009

Larwyn's Link Kerplosion: "Are you punch-drunk?"

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Too clever by half: RCP (Warren)
How to deny employees free choice: NatJournal
Puzzled 60 Minutes asks giggly Obama if he's punch drunk: Gateway

Obama seeks socialist control of executive pay: PolClass
Wedge strategy and attacks on executive compensation: Lawhawk
While Nero Fiddled: What He's Accomplished: AT (Gabor)

"The practical implications of this is bankruptcy...": American Digest
Fish. Barrel. Gun.: Charlie Foxtrot
When Chuckie met Jammie: JWF

Count out ACORN: PittLive
CA's Stark second Dem with bogus tax break: LAT
ACORN behind 'Protests' at AIG homes: S&L

Facebook Lexicon: "Laid Off": Via Ruffini
US Predator strikes devastate Al Qaeda : LAT
Soon there may be nobody left to lend to America: Times of London

The World Is Beginning To Notice That Obama Is Clueless: Say Anything
So Sayeth The Teleprompter: Bonuses are expensive, but that's OK - talk is cheap: NY Post
How Many Times Can I say "I Told You So" Over the Remaining 46 Months of Obama?: Flopping Aces

MSM ignores massive Subaru car bomb at Haifa mall: JP
A glimpse of Iran before the Ayatollahs: Gateway
Biden clan tied to accused scammer's hedge fund: HFN

AIG Board Member Richard Holbrooke's Terrible, Horrible, Miserable No Good Week: AT (Feldman)
John Bolton on Iran's Axis of Nuclear Evil: Atlas
Taliban to Obama: "There Are No Moderates or Extremists Among Us": Atlas

The Boy Wonder behind MyBarackObama: FastCompany
The Ten Manliest Firearms on the Planet: Arthur's Hall
Baghdad Bob Interviews Tim Geithner On Meet The Press: GM

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