Friday, November 28, 2008

CCTV images of Mumbai Terror Attacks

Fox News has some uncut, closed-caption videotape taken by surveillance cameras in Mumbai.

Only Bombay posted these two pictures, which they describe as CCTV-generated.

I guess the Quaker extremists in Mumbai didn't get the "Obama Election Memo". I mean, didn't the drones tell us that the world would view Americans much more kindly if we just elected The One?

The Militant Quakers who killed and wounded hundreds in Mumbai -- targeting Americans and other westerners -- must have accidentally deleted that email. And I'll predict that the media will inform us that choosing the Mumbai Chabad as a target was coincidental. Stratfor has a red alert analysis and believes that within days we'll be witnessing a violent flare-up between India and Pakistan.

Gateway Pundit, Atlas, Hot Air, JihadWatch, LGF, LawHawk and Powerline have important takes on the attacks, mainstream media reporting on the events and the aftermath.

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