Friday, November 14, 2008

Larwyn's Link Kerplosion: Don't Blame Capitalism

Forbes: Time to batten down the hatches: "Many of my clients are in shock or denial or some other stage of financial post-traumatic stress. Many are confused and don't know what to think. Most have yet to grasp the enormity of what has happened, or the difficult and lengthy adjustments I foresee playing out for a long time to come. I do my best to encourage them to hunker down, trying not to convey panic."

Atlas: Why then should capitalism take the blame today -- when capitalism doesn't even exist?: "It's time to stop blaming capitalism for the sins of government intervention, and give true laissez-faire a chance. Now that would be a change we could we believe in."

JPost: What Obama owes to Bush: "Bush was the first color-blind Republican president in my half-century memory, and his refusal to play the race card in his two campaigns helped create a climate in which part of his own base could vote for a black Democrat. "

WGHP Raleigh, NC: Same Day Registration Helped Obama Win N.C.

The Star (Malaysia): Mauled to death by white tigers: Can actuaries really determine the odds that I would be ripped to shreds by tigers? And the odds that the attackers would be white tigers?

PC World: 5 Reasons I Hope Gets Sued Into Oblivion. True dat.

The Week: Armless man steals TV. Eh, what?

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