Friday, November 28, 2008

Deep Thoughts by Bill Ayers

• Does the Terrorists' Union threaten to stop car-bombing when they go on strike?

• Some very sharp financial minds think that Citigroup is a "screaming buy". Seriously.

• Who tests urine recycling machines?

• Rochelle Riley of The Detroit Free Press says that Democrats should push for Bush's impeachment now -- for the economy's sake. In unrelated news, the Union of Unhinged Leftie Journalists announced its op-ed winner for 2008.

• Tomorrow's headlines today: Somali Pirates Hold 'Black Friday' Sale of Captured Goods

• Could we solve most problems in inner cities by making it cool to be smart?

• It strikes me that Donny Osmond would make an excellent James Bond.

• Robert Byrd actually had the title of "Exalted Cyclops" as a Klan leader. It was a promotion from Grand Kleagle.

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