Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Shoddy Management + Corrupt Union Bosses = Auto Industry Disaster

A single glance at today's opening stock prices of the major auto companies tells us all we need to know. Combine pathetic management practices with corrupt union bosses and we get, well, pretty much what we've got.

The role of unions with OSHA, the EPA, and a hundred other government agencies protecting workers? Eh, you got me.

As for bailing out Chrysler? Give me a break. Cerberus, its owner, is a private equity concern. And I drive a Chrysler.

The real cure to our economic woes? Reliapundit channels Mark Levin:

To solve the crisis, get government out of the way:

* Slash income tax rates
* Slash capital gains tax rates
* Eliminate corporate taxes
* Suspend automotive CAFE standards
* Suspend non-safety-related regulations on nuclear power plant construction
* Suspend regulations which impede drilling and mining.

The economy would rebound almost immediately.

And that's precisely why the Democrats won't do any of those things. They want more people reliant on big government, which expands their own power base.

It's really just that simple.

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