Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What does the Obama logo really mean?

Finally, from the horse's mouth, we get the real backstory on the ubiquitous Obama logo.

Like any good piece of art, Prez-elect Barack Obama's campaign logo inspires many interpretations.

At first, the ubiquitous "O," with its iridescent blue top and curved red-and-white stripes, seems simple enough. It's a disjointed flag with a rising sun at its center, intended to invoke both patriotism and renewal. But others have seen more in it, including the American farmland, a symbol of bipartisanship and even the Egyptian god Osiris.

The president of Sender LLC, the Chicago design firm that created Obama's logo, thinks it's much simpler than all that.

"We have always seen it as a sun rising on a new day for American politics," says Sol Sender. "There was no religious intention, Egyptian or otherwise.

Weird. I always thought it was the evil eye of Sauron.

Let's just hope we never see it on an armband.

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