Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Larwyn's Link Kerplosion: Bingo!

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Bingo! Call it Communism: AT (Hoven)
Going John Galt: Instapundit
Obama has already cost us more than 9/11: TAB

It's official: Saudi puppet will head NIC: WklyStd
Newsweek: Radical Islam a fact of life. Get over it: Gateway
Wednesday night: party night at White House: Gateway

Specter's polls tank: Hot Air
Party like it's 1928!: Crittenden
Michelle Obama's Patient Dumping: AT (Catron)

The farce of global warming: AT (Levy)
Proof Obama's Fear Mongering Hurts Economy: LegalIns
Land of make believe: 'Hamas won't get our $900 million': JWF

Secret Obama White House Telecons with Media Bear Fruit: NewsBusters
Graphic representations of pathological disorders in the media: BofB
Self-Dealing Omitted: Dem Pays Herself $200K In "Interest" On '98 Loan: NewsBusters

Red Eye Reams Olbermann, Garafalo for Racist Remarks: OlbyWatch
Paul Harvey: the real father of conservative talk radio: Spectator (Carter)
Will Captain Kirk be the next Canadian Prime Minister?: BMW

The Irony of Michael Steele: Surber
Rush vs Doofus: Once Again I Am Proud, Damned Proud, Not to Be a Republican: American Digest
Jim Cramer's Predictions for 2008: Michael Covel

“Deepen, exacerbate existing problems, crises, differences, and if they don’t exist, create them or convincingly claim that they exist, and then deepen, exacerbate them...and profit [politically, ideologically and even financially] the most from them in any way you can, and, in the resulting chaos, blame our enemies for the whole thing.” -- Vladimir Ilich Ulianov (Lenin) "

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