Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Revenge of the Drones!

The left appears to be reeling from the mass defections of former Obama supporters who have begun publishing public apologia for their votes.

A handful of radical diehards have emailed me, expressing their displeasure with their party's quislings. And Republicans in general. But mostly the quislings. Let the reprisals begin!

I'm not sorry at all, except for the fact that the Republicans have yet to be carted off to the re-education camps in Baghdad or Riyadh where they belong, traitors to America all. -- David Huff

Much like Fox News your article made me laugh. I like your amusing descriptive: 'drones'. I find it much better than the other side (and your kind): 'fearmongers'. -- Brian Roberts

Seems like if you're going to post 2 fake photos of David Brooks in a row, you might want to brush up on your PhotoShop skills first. -- Bev Shaw

In reference to whatever you wanna call "We're Sorry," You actually took time to do that? The graphics really tell the whole story. What an amateur. Go publish that bulls***... (Unless you'd censor me) --Matt Selou

Sorry, I didn't vote for Mr. Wonderful Orator because as usual Talk is Cheap, now he has to walk the walk/Honeymoon Over! He can still earn my respect if he knocks Smiley Pelosi and Nerdy Reid down to size. Fat chance,right. Who the hell elected those two idiots? -- The Hunky

You suck. -- Stephanie Ferrero

Where can I get My “Don’t blame me“ bumper sticker.? -- Tim S.

Doug, I am not sorry that I voted for Obama. This has been a refreshing month of seeing the country move back toward a Constitutional Govt. I never expected that Obama’s election would fix the decade of Republican deregulation and wasted war spending. That is going to be a long term problem but we have a hardworking and intelligent man attempting to work on things. After the last eight years I will take integrity and complete sentences for a while. Sorry, but I am not sorry. -- Richard Horn

The only thing this 'drone' is sorry about is that you and your kind are such a**holes. Your desire to see this President fail overrides your desire for the country to do well? Some patriot you are. Go make out with Limbaugh or something and leave the real work to people who have hope that we can repair the damage inflicted on the country by eight years of your boy Bush. Your a flaming idiot propagandist of the most reprehensible ilk. You speak of responsibility, yet you are only resposible to peddling your crap to make a buck. Go f*** yourself. -- David Caldwell

Bite my shorts you nay-sayers. How about giving him a chance? -- Robert Taylor

Everyone is unhappy with Congress. Is there a way to get a vote on limited terms so that these "honorable" sobs can't make a career out of screwing American citizens and becoming wealthy on our backs? -- Linda W.

DUH! -- Papaw

You can present all the bulls*** articles you want,,,sorry mr. spin we’ve all lived these past years and I don’t forget! The government by the rich for the rich is over. Quit trying to send your propaganda. We all know who you are now! -- Jana Stacy

Grow Up! How can you blame someone for a republican's mess? We are all in this together, it's not his fault-you are the one that elected Bush, he's gone and living a wealthy life. Even if you didn't vote for Obama, he still would have won! Please remove your vote, because it is too many of us, black and white in this world that backs him and admire him for taking on this mess! You need to teach your child how to be a fighter regardless and stop placing blame and do something about it! Mad as hell! -- Joyce Jeffreys

I call top bunk in the re-education camp!

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SF said...

The above comments were posted right at five years ago. How great would it be to find the authors and ask how much better their lives are today, after five years of the woeful Obozo (albeit with a great speaking voice and nicely creased pants)?