Friday, August 01, 2008

I smell an Oscar for Death Race!

Hey, add it up:

A sadistic, evil warden.

A futuristic prison.

A highly rated, televised race pitting prisoner against prisoner... the death, with the winner gaining their freedom.

Jason Statham...

...who plays a NASCAR driver unjustly accused of killing his wife (hint: it was a setup).

Three obligatory prison fight scenes.

A crafty race veteran who befriends said NASCAR driver.

The very same sadistic, evil warden who demands said NASCAR driver compete in the Death Race.

A Mustang, V8 Fastback with 3/4" armor plating, smoke bombs, oil and napalm...

Oh, and "30mm Gatling guns" (word to the producers: those ain't 30mm chambers)... all hand-crafted by said crafty race veteran.

A said former NASCAR driver who figures out he was set up by said sadistic, evil warden to benefit her Nielsen ratings.

Who, during the race, is able to drive backwards to use his "30mm Gatling guns" to take out opponents.

And who, of course, exacts revenge against said evil warden while gaining his freedom (it's a loophole in the televised "death race" law).

Best of all... a movie trailer that spells out the entire freaking plot in excruciating detail.

I smell Oscar, baby, Oscar!

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