Saturday, August 16, 2008

Official Obama Blog: Hillary a Lesbian, Bill sexually abused Chelsea, Conservatives will assassinate The One

Think you've seen all 57 flavors of crazy? An official Barack Obama campaign blog authored by "Dr. Peter Calabria" introduces a brand new dimension of insanity. analysis based on [a mathematical] equation indicates that the so-called war on terror will inexorably ratchet up to world war level, a pretty horrible thought given a world armed with nuclear weapons. For that reason we support Barack Obama as the only real anti-war candidate...

The value of our mathematics based analysis lies in its ability to objectively distinguish between the good guys and the bad guys. The technical aspects of the analysis make it slow reading for those without a science background, so we will give its conclusions first here and save the detailed reasoning for later....

...America has 7 million people in jail or otherwise under the control of the penal system. This is 16 times more per capita than the communist People’s Republic of China, where, we are told, there is no freedom or human rights... This is not to say that America is a police state, of course, for if it were you’d have heard about it on the evening news.

...Also notably absent in the media is another creation of the Clintons, the near million homeless [Ed: HUD just reported that the number of homeless as reported by cities and towns decreased in 2007 to 123,833 -- down 15% since 2005] people that wander the streets of Sacramento and Las Vegas and our other big cities. This sharp upsurge in homelessness came about inarguably as a result of Clinton legislature that ended LBJ’s war on poverty by terminating effective social protections for out of work people,

...Really, does any intelligent female over the age of 22 think that Hillary actually felt bad about Bill and Monica? Judging from the observable obvious that Bill is no more than Hillary’s showboat, the best educated guess is that is Hillary is lesbian, a married one, not that unusual in modern America... would not be surprised to find that the unconfident Chelsea Clinton developed as such as a result of some form of child abuse. Chelsea does not look happy. Neglect by the Clintons is hardly to be overlooked as this ambitious pair had better things to pay attention to in their furious political rise to the top than their daughter. And sexual abuse is not to be totally ruled out either given Bill’s sexual tastes.

...Hopefully Obama will not be removed by the ruling class by assassination, which [conservatives] would do if methods to remove him don’t work...

Yeehaw! If I were an Obama supporter, I'd switch to McCain just so as not to be associated with this breed of whackjob.

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