Sunday, August 17, 2008

Troublesome Arctic sea ice defies alarmists, increases from '07

Believers in anthropogenic global warming (AGW) have some 'splaining to do.

Year-over-year the Arctic sea ice extent increased by approximately 30%.

RandomEngineer adds the color commentary: "The fact that 2008’s extent isn’t significantly BELOW the 2007 number because of the aforementioned claimed problem of lacking multi-year ice is simply remarkable. So much for the predictions of a worse year..."

"...The AGW alarmist’s 2008 predictions weren’t merely just wrong, they were in a class of abysmal prognostication skill that ranks up there with psychics..."

"...Witch doctors with chicken guts or orangutans with darts could have fared better..."

"...Oh, and it wasn’t the skeptics claiming things about wind and current. They got that from this outfit called NASA. You may have heard of them..."

Hat tips: Watts up with that and Robert Steely. Graphs: AMSR-E Sea Ice Extent: University of Alaska Fairbanks; Comparison graphs: Daily Arctic Sea Ice Maps (University of Illinois Atmospheric Sciences). Linked by: American Thinker and Say Anything. Thanks!

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