Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Edwards-Hunter Affair: Enquirer reveals new information, says Edwards is 'still lying' about Hunter

The National Enquirer reports that John Edwards is still lying about his affair with Rielle Hunter (Sex, more lies, and videotape):

...Edwards' political operatives are still paying his mistress Rielle Hunter - and she was whisked away on a private jet two days before he confessed their extramarital affair on national TV!

...Edwards secretly visited Rielle and their love child three separate times at the Beverly Hilton hotel in Los Angeles this year - a fact that proves he is still lying to America and his wife... [our] reporters caught Edwards, 55, making a late-night visit to 44-year-old Rielle and their daughter at the hotel on July 21 - which prompted us to release the first-ever photograph of him with his love child last week.

...After Edwards confessed the affair to his wife, he restarted it, and was sexually involved with Rielle when she became pregnant... Despite his denials, Edwards WAS aware that his former finance committee chairman, Fred Baron, was funneling money to Rielle.

Experts are now calling for a federal investigation into Edwards' use of campaign funds.

...Edwards denied he's the father of Rielle's daughter, who was born on Feb. 27, 2008. The ENQUIRER reported last December that Hunter had told close confidantes that he was the father... In denying he fathered Rielle's baby, Edwards told ABC that he would "be happy" to take a paternity test to prove he's telling the truth. (He has refused numerous previous requests by The ENQUIRER to take a paternity test.)

Edwards claimed he ended the affair in 2006, but sources say he restarted the illicit romance after confessing to his wife... Rielle soon became pregnant after the affair was rekindled, say sources.

DBKP asks another critical question -- one which our beloved mainstream media hasn't bothered to ask: Who in the Edwards' Campaign Ran the Cover Up?

At least CBS appears to be on the case (finally) with today's publication of a detailed story ("Report: $$ Still Flows To Edwards' Ex - He's Denied Knowing Of Payments To Former Mistress; Questions Raised About Their Source, And Legality"). Of course, the story's foundation is based upon the Enquirer's reporting.

On the ABC News broadcast "Nightline" Friday, Edwards said, "I've never paid a dime of money to any of the people that are involved. I've never asked anybody to pay a dime of money, never been told that any money's been paid."

If the story is true, asked CBS News correspondent Bianca Solorzano, the question remains, where did the money paid by the former Edwards campaign finance committee chairman, Fred Baron, come from?

"So far," Enquirer reporter Rick Egusquiza told CBS News, "we don't know that they were illegal. If they were contributions from the campaign, then obviously, there's some issues there with legality. But at this point, we're still trying to investigate that."

CBS News legal analyst Mickey Sherman told Early Show co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez Wednesday Edwards might be in legal jeopardy if it could be shown the funds were used for purposes other than the ones they were meant for.

"If you raise money to run for (office)," Sherman explained, "and if you take that money that people have contributed to you based upon the fact that they think their money is going to a presidential candidate, and you give it to a girlfriend of a God-knows-what ... that's a crime. But the question is, how do you prove that? And, she was somehow working for the campaign (as its videographer), so was the money she got so inappropriately more than what she deserved -- that's going to be the issue the feds are going to have to look at. ... It would be a federal offense."

The allegations could not only have legal ramifications, Solorzano observes, they would shed considerable doubt on Edward's denial that he fathered Hunter's child.

The Guardian (UK) adds one of its unique insights:

Like John Edwards, only smaller: "A source" who has seen the baby daughter of Rielle Hunter, with whom John Edwards admitted having an affair, but not conceiving a child, says the infant "looks like John Edwards in a onesie." (Brit-translation: babygro.) That's actually a really troubling image. [New York Daily News]

Hey, the Guardian could have at least mentioned mois...

I published this exclusive photo days ago!

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