Tuesday, August 19, 2008

ArkingBay OonbatMay

On Anderson Cooper's CNN blog, "Larry" adds a delightful insight in the comments section.

The pastor should have considered himself fortunate to be on the same stage as Sen. Obama. Not once di [sic] the pastor ask Sen. Obama if he was comfortable and if he would like a better chair; such rudenes [sic]. You can be sure that pastor Wright would have been more curtious [sic] towards Sen. Obama and more agressively interrogative of Sen. McCain.

The only tide there will be is if Sen. Obama is denied his POTUS, and that will be a crimson tide on the streets of america[.]

It's hard to imagine a more warm and inclusive party than the modern Democratic Party.

Hat tip: Grok the Fullness (LGF Quick Links).

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