Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Obama responds to McCain's Ayers ad, features his friend the terrorist

Oh, goodie, Obama's handlers have decided to continue the publicity around his relationship with unrepentant terrorist and communist Bill Ayers.

The gist of Obama's message:

He once denounced Ayers, whose crimes were committed when Obama was only eight.

Fact: Ayers was a well-known communist crackpot whose views were widely known. On September 11, 2001, Ayers stated that he was proud of bombing the Pentagon, saying "We didn't do enough."

Fact: Obama had no problem serving with Ayers on the boards of both the Annenberg Challenge and The Woods Fund.

Fact: These boards dispensed funds to groups like ACORN, a group with a sordid record of vote fraud including paying for votes with crack cocaine.

And the Arab American Action Network, founded by Rashid Khalidi, a member of the terrorist group PLO.

By all means. Senator Obama, let's explore the troubling relationship between you and Bill Ayers. After all, it's about judgment, isn't it?

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