Friday, August 29, 2008

How to Start Your Day

Papa B, responding to a moonbat via email:

I have a better idea for someone seeking answers to start their day...

Go to your closet...

Pick out your nicest suit... the navy blue pinstripe would be good.

Pick out your nicest tie (the red foulard would be good)...

Select your light blue all cotton pin-point shirt...

Your black wing-tip shoes...

And take all of these accoutrements.

Place them on your valet.

And say:

1. "Senator Obama; please tell me about everything that you have managed, run, organized and your organizational skills -- with specifics!"

(Inexplicably, the empty suit says nothing)

2. "Senator Obama, please give me examples of your good judgment (not including William Ayers, Reverend Wright, voting "present" on over 100 votes, making deals with Tony Rezko, chairing the Senate Committee on European Affairs and never calling a meeting, etc., etc.)...

(Inexplicably, the empty suit says nothing)

Since, you still have no answers to start your day... ask these same questions of Senator Biden, substituting for question #2: Senator Biden, since you have been in the Senate for 36 years and never, ever, ever, held a real job, how do you present yourself as a "man of the working-class"?

(Senator Biden will blather on for 3 days insulting everyone while gently massaging his implanted hair plugs.)

Then, go vote for McCain/Palin who have integrity, character, a work ethic, a history of accomplishment, and besides... she is hot!

No one ever said Papa B was politically correct!

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