Thursday, August 21, 2008

Obama: "John McCain doesn't know what he's up against"

Barack Obama on the campaign trail: ""I don't intend to lose this election. John McCain doesn't know what he's up against raht now."

Oh, I think he does. He's up against a Chicago politican with disturbing, suspicious ties to convicted felons; a man who lies about his far left abortion record on a routine basis; a man whose every mentor was a Marxist or an out-and-out Communist; a man who won't release any of his records (from the Annenberg Challenge, to his law-firm records, to his state legislative background or even his medical records); a man who sat for twenty years in a church that spewed the most virulent forms of racism and hatred (and then lied about hearing any of it); a man who promised his MoveOn pals that he would disarm America; and a man who routinely changes positions for partisan advantage, sometimes in a matter of hours.

And a man who treats John McCain, a certified war hero and ex-POW, like a punk. That's who John McCain is up against.

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