Saturday, August 02, 2008

Obama received thousands in illegal contributions (from Hamas?)

Atlas has crunched the numbers and discovered a swath of illegal campaign donations to Barack Obama. Consider the strange case of Monir Edwan of Rafah, GA (that's Gaza, by the way, not Georgia).

According to CampaignMoney, Monir has donated a total of $24,313 directly to Obama's campaign.

Yes, it's two... two... two federal election violations in one! Of course, it's completely illegal for a candidate for federal office to accept contributions from foreign nationals; and, as an added bonus, it's illegal for candidates to accept more than $2,300 from an individual in a single election cycle. As Debbie Schussel points out, since Gaza is controlled by the murderous group of terrorists known as Hamas, it's possible several other laws were violated by the Obama campaign.

A cursory search yields another Rafah resident -- Hosam Edwan -- who also illegally donated over $5,000.00 to Obama (oddly split up into ten separate donations over five days time).

In May, I reported that Obama's website appears to happily accept illegal campaign contributions. At the time I wrote:

No other presidential candidate allows such an easy channel for illegal campaign contributions. For example, John McCain and Hillary Clinton do not accept donations from abroad without a complete, written documentation packet sent via postal mail.

And, as one could have easily predicted, Obama's foreign chickens have come home to roost.

And if you're waiting for our beloved mainstream media to report this blockbuster story, I'm afraid all you'll hear are the chirps of crickets and the soft rustle of tumbleweed rolling by.

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