Monday, October 10, 2011

Eric Holder Comics

3 March 2011
Fast and Furious? I love Vin Diesel movies!

4 February 2011
No s***. I swear on the Holy Kor-- Bible that the ATF makes every effort to interdict weapons that have been purchased illegally! Plus, to prevent their transport into Mexico! Pinky swear!

3 May 2011
I swear on a stack of pancakes that I first heard about Operation Fast and Furious... uh... just a few weeks ago!

6 June 2011
Okay, I'm serious this time. Operation Fast and Furious was a rogue operation carried out by the Phoenix field division of the ATF!

6 July 2011
Look. The cat's out of the bag. Knowledge of Operation Fast and Furious was limited to the ATF only!

6 August 2011
Would you believe that it was limited to the ATF and the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Arizona?

7 September 2011
Seriously, dude: no reports -- NONE! -- concerning Operation Fast and Furious ever reached the upper levels of the Justice Department!

7 October 2011
I never saw those seven separate memos about Fast and Furious that were sent directly to me and only me!

10 October 2011
How about those Brewers???

Based upon: Holder Ridge Defenses Overrun. Holder isolated in his bunker, awaiting the coup de grâce..


Mt Top Patriot said...

These are people whose only job is to protect and defend us through duty and honor to uphold and reinforce the rule of law.
The truth is something far different and most sinister.
They are tyrants and traitors who do no such thing, as they have violated and abrogated every principle, moral, and ethical concept of the oath they took upon obtaining high office, not to mention the oath of just plain old fashion being an American.
Obama, Holder, Hillary, along with all of the criminals involved, lets be dead honest here, their intentions are quite clear:
Overthrow of this here Constitutional Republic from the inside out, in order to obtain the sovereign will and power that belongs to, and is invested in We The People.
Impeach every damn one of them, for these people are the most lowly decrepit kind of humans, ones who lust for absolute power. I say impeach them, which is our founders brilliant instrument of political assassination designed to deal effectively with the ruling class who become so obnoxious as to become domestic enemies, a brilliant method of lawful redress effective in dealing with such a scourge, impeach them as the traitors and tyrants they are.
It is what they fully unquestionably deserve for such crimes, trespasses, and transgressions upon our Liberty and Rule of Law.

Reliapundit said...