Monday, October 31, 2011

Top 15 Comments from Jonathan Alter's whitewash of Obama's scandal-plagued presidency, the most corrupt since Teapot Dome

Just in case you actually have a life and missed the weekend's latest journolistic implosion, please consider the delightful Bloomberg article by none other than failed Newsweek columnist Jonathan Alter. Entitled "The Obama Miracle, a White House Free of Scandal, it is as fine a piece of propaganda as I've seen since the days of Der Stürmer. Here's just a taste:

President Barack Obama goes into the 2012 with a weak economy that may doom his reelection. But he has one asset that hasn’t received much attention: He’s honest.

Okay, that's it. That's all I can take. Suffice it to say that Alter's pablum is suitable only for drones and miscreants -- but I repeat myself. As of this instant, the article has generated nearly 1,600 comments. My favorites?

15. Obama's miracle is that the media barely covers the scandals. (JohnQPublius)

14. Jonathan Alter is the poster boy for media lap dog bias and Journol-list corruption. An article like this deserves the Josef Goebbles Award for journalistic integrity, or at the very least a Pulitzer. There is a reason why the MSM has become so hated, mistrusted, and ignored. Newsweek was sold for a dollar, AirAmerica bankrupt and defunct, the NY Times dying a death of a thousand cuts, MSNBC in ratings purgatory, and now this anencephalic miscreant brings his own brand of Obama apologism and misinformation to Bloomberg's tarnished brand. (PeterLocke)

13. NO media outlet with any sense of professionalism, objectivity, ethics of FACTS would have run this article. This, however, goes beyond error and omission. THIS is pure propaganda.

I'm done with Bloomberg. (Liz)

12. Makes you wonder if it's media bias or is the press just this stupid? (Good Luck)

11. This writer is a mindless liberal robot or just hallucinatory. Scandal free? That makes me FAST to respond and FURIOUS to boot. (Ghs2050)

LOL. They say the Left has the best drugs and this article leads me to believe it's true! Scandal free administration! Now that takes bulls balls to say! (Kevin Jackson)

10. That's it. I'm reporting all of you to ATTACKWAAAAATCH!!! (Dalai Grimm)

9. How about assasinating American citizens without due process?
How about engaging in an undeclared war?
How about authorizing the DOJ to lie in response to FOIA requests?
How about protecting his campaign donors (rather than the taxpayer) in the Solyndra bankruptcy?
How about protecting union members rather than shareholders in the Chrysler/GM bankruptcy?
How about "if you like your current health plan, you can keep it"?
How about "I never heard any of those sermons by Jeremiah Wright"?
... the list goes on, and on, and on, and... (dsmith3000)

8. Alter is ludicrously ridiculous in his myopic, shallow "analysis" of Obama being scandal-free. The fawning press that passes for journalists nowadays don't bother "reporting" on the real state of affairs in the USA. We Americans must read UK news outlets to find out what's truly happening in the U.S., since our own "journalists" don't bother reporting real news. While the press continues wearing their sideblinders and tunnel-vision, rose-colored glasses, the rest of America is increasingly moving beyond Obama's empty promise of "hope and change". It's time to move on and get a president who will run our country, rather than continually run for office. (lifeisgood)

7. Pretty funny, Mr. Alter. You should pitch it to Saturday Night Live. (Charlie Gutierrez)

6. The failure to mention operation "Fast and Serious" should be telling in and of itself. A government agency violated US law, Mexican law, and International law and no one involved has been fired yet, in fact some have been promoted. And if it is true that Obama is quick to fire those who step out of line, it is even more likely that he knew of and approved the operation and tactics used. (Micah Robert)

5. Is this The Onion? Pravda? Yeah, he's scandal free if you don't count any of his many scandals, and he's honest if you don't notice that every other word of his mouth is a lie. (Cara C)

4. Alter's miracle is being brain dead and still being able to get things published. (G)

3. Perhaps Mr. Alter-nate Reality could just go to They are on scandal #296. And each reported in great detail. (GracieZG)

2. Seriously, this guy is paid for his insight? My dog is more insightful. I'm serious, #$% stinks, but not if you bury it, like my dog does. The reason Obama has no scandals is that the media refuses to report any. Fast and Furious? Solyndra? Jeremiah Wright? His domestic terrorist mentor? His wife's sweetheart job deal at the Chicago hospital, his sweetheart house purchase...the list goes on.
Jonathan Alter, keep those dirty pictures of the Bloomberg editor well hidden. Otherwise, to answer your question, yes I would like fries with that. (jeffaguthrie)

1. The scandal is the deficit and the debt. The scandal is unemployment rate. The scandal is not addressing the back-breaking cost of all the high-salaried public employees at all levels of Govt that get pensions, health care, and early retirement. The scandal is accepting the Nobel Peace Prize without having accomplished one thing. The scandal is having your Sec of State say "How do you deal toughly with your banker?" when asked about growing Chinese aggression with regard to its neighbors, their natural resources, and their manipulated currency.

The scandal is the growing black-on-white flash mob crime and the lack of its mention by the White House or the national media. The scandal is giving away billions in green loans to big campaign contributors. The scandal is playing golf +90 times, plus expensive vacations, plus lavish travel and parties for family and friends while we are hurting economically. The scandal is obvious campaigning on the taxpayer dime while also collecting huge donations. The scandal is Fast and Furious gun running and the resulting deaths.

The scandal is promising to close Guantanamo on the campaign trail but then discovering that maybe (when reality is actually considered) its a good idea to keep it open. The scandal is squandering our victory in Iraq by failing to negotiate a proper SOF (Status of Forces) Agreement so we could maintain at least 1 real base as a reminder to Iran that we are watching them. The scandal is a failed Iranian policy that will result in their acquisition of nuclear weapons.

The scandal is the expanding role of Govt in monitoring our every movement and financial interaction. The scandal is the radical environmental regulations that ignore private property rights and have de-industrialized this country. The scandal is enacting new complex laws and then offering waivers to those companies that have the biggest potential political donation checkbook.

The scandal is the public education system that cannot educate black or Hispanic kids regardless of the billions spent. The scandal is dramatically expanding food stamps, but then looking the other way at the obvious fraud. The scandal is a set of labor laws and regs that punish companies that move from a Blue State to a Red State.

The scandal is the hollowed out City of Detroit as a prime example of what happens when Big Labor and Big Democratic Govt seize total control. The scandal is the crushing poverty and crime in Washington DC and almost any center of Govt in this country. It seems like the closer you live to Govt, you are either a very well paid Govt worker or are at the bottom of the barrel as a victim of all the learned helplessness that Govt "help" inspires.

The scandal is that there just isnt enough room to list everything. Maybe we can hope that all of this wasn't intentional, but simply a result of ineptitude and inexperience. The scandal is that this is our best-case scenario. (JOCB)

* * * * * * * * *

Well said, my friend. Well said.

As for you, Alter, your sycophantic drivel will go down in history with that of Goebbels, Pravda, Tass and Kim Jong-Il's pronouncements. You're a pencil-necked joke of a partisan hack who has ruined several media outlets already and is well on the way to crushing Bloomberg's valuation. Enjoy your momentary haven in liberal-land while it lasts: with work like this, your pink-slip should be arriving momentarily.

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Dead on target. I don't know who that person is but I hope to see much more from them in the future.