Monday, October 31, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Politico and Cain: Return of the High-Tech Lynching

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Politico and Cain: Return of the High-Tech Lynching: Simon
If This Were An Actual Test…: NoisyRm
What Are Unalienable Rights?: Longcore

Ryan Foremost Defender of American Conservatism: Commentary
Cain on Abortion: the Epilogue: Pundette
The Oppo Dump on Herman Cain Begins in Earnest: Erickson

Former Aide: Cain ‘Never Even Bordered on Inappropriate’: RSM
Why The Pass On #OWS And Paul Supporter Antisemitism?: Riehl
Which GOP candidate will challenge Wasserman-Schultz?: Shark


Richard Epstein Explains the Inequality Myth on PBS: HyScience
Blame the Predecessor: A Historical Leftist Tactic: Pacepa
Federal Student Loans: Trouble for Students and Taxpayers: NewAm

America Now More Pro-Civil Service Than Russia: Marsden
NASDAQ proposes to legalize exchanges' illegal behavior: ZH
Congress Just Can’t Stop Trying to Micromanage... Part 5,672: Cato

Gunrunner & Energygate

One Pivotal Week For Fast and Furious: AT
Energy Department-Backed Company Under SEC Investigation: Foundry
Coddling Illegals, Jailing Agents: IBD

Climate & Energy

Energy Production On Federal Lands Way Down Under Obama: BigPeace
The Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature project puts PR before peer review: Watts
‘The Delinquent Teenager’ shows IPCC far from objective science: FinPost


More MSM Fantasizing: “Honest” Obama’s Miraculous “White House Free of Scandal”: Nice Deb
Another altered state heard from . . . And don't forget to try the unicorn skittles: SSI
The New Propagandists: Paul Nathan

PMS-NBC Analyst: GOP Sees Herman Cain as a 'Black Man Who Knows His Place': Maggie's Farm
Ann Coulter Calls Politico's Herman Cain Hit Piece 'Another High-Tech Lynching': NB
Bob Schieffer’s Smokin’ Interview with Herman Cain; Update: Tom Brokaw ‘Stunned’ by Smoking Ad: Malkin

Population Bomb Epic Fail: Hayward
ClimateGate II: How Will Al Gore and His Global Warming-Loving Media Respond?: NB
Next Time, Drop Me a Line (or, My Hellish Morning): Daily Gut


Revised Forecast For The Arab Spring: Fox
The New York Times doesn’t know from terrorists: JRubin
Hmmmmmmmmm...: Matzav

Treaty of Debt - An Eye Opening Video on the ESM Bailout Mechanism: Mish
Berlusconi on Very Shaky Political Ground: PJM
Xtranormal Explains The European Non-Bailout Best: ZH

In Foreign Affairs, Obama Needs Respect, Not Love: Barone
The Secret War: How U.S. hunted AQ in Africa: ArmyTimes
Egypt: Christian Student Murdered By Muslim Classmates for Wearing a Cross: Atlas


The Collapse of Western Science: JPA
Anonymous Threatens Mexico’s Murderous Drug Lords: Wired
U.S. Government Moves To Ban Internet Access: Sword


Would you call that a point?: Maggie's Farm
Blunt: iOTW
Madoff Book's 9 Juiciest Bits: Beast

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Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Help Rand Paul Stop the EPA

QOTD: "[Author Donna Laframboise] introduces us to numerous well-credentialled skeptics, including Jason Johnston, an expert in environmental law, who set out to verify whether the ­IPCC reports in fact “conformed with the peer-reviewed climate science literature.” His conclusion: “on virtually every major issue in climate change science,” IPCC reports “systematically conceal or minimize what appear to be fundamental scientific uncertainties.”

The Delinquent Teenager reveals how inconvenient science has been buried and sums up: “The IPCC ignores the consensus among hurricane experts that there is no discernable link to global warning. It ignores the consensus among those who study natural disasters that there is no relationship between human greenhouse gas emissions and the rising cost of these disasters. It ignores the consensus among bona fide malaria experts that global warming has not caused malaria to spread. In each case the IPCC substitutes its own version of reality. In each case that version of reality makes global warming appear more frightening than genuine experts believe the available evidence indicates." --Peter Foster

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