Monday, October 24, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Hermantum: '100% Pro-Life' Cain Leading In The Polls

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Hermantum: '100% Pro-Life' Cain Leading In The Polls: Nice Deb
Biden visits future Dem voters in York, PA: Pundette
RomneyCare subsidized illegal immigrants: AmPower

Five Truths That Sentence America to Ruination: iOTW
Liberals try to discredit Justice Thomas with baseless attacks: DC
The Bork Nomination, 24 Years On: Kimball


Eurocide: Surber
Rearranging the EU's Deck Chairs: Mish
No Way To Stop Europe's First Domino From Falling: Insider

Scratch a Democrat, Find a Dictator: Ace
Metro DC now America's richest neighborhood: Wizbang
Enough with the 'fair share' horses*** already: PRS

Rage On—and on and on…: Hanson
DHS Job Fair for Illegals: AT
Interest adds to Illinois debt woes: Pantagraph


More Jew-Hatred at Obama-Endorsed #OWS Protests: GWP
Wall Street Occupiers Turn NYC Zuccotti Park Into a Cesspool, “It’s Like Walmart For Rats”: WZ
Total Number of Arrests At Occupy Protests: 2,222: WZ

Climate & Energy

Everything you need to know about Obamanomics in one sentence [Facepalm]: Wolf
Lubos Finds The Idiotic AGW Headline Of The Week: Soylent Green
Sticker Shock For Local Chevy Volt Car Shopper: WUSA-9


Exclusive interview with Senator Marco Rubio on WaPo’s story about his family history: Hot Air
Aww: Sony will postpone opening of The Obama Is Totally Awesome blockbuster movie: Hot Air
Facts In Exile: Washington Post’s Sen. Marco Rubio ‘Exposé’ Is Identity Politics At Its Worst: Mediate

Stopping Obama From Ignoring You and Bypassing Congress to Radically Transform America: RWN
The Week in Doug: IMAO
WaPo Punked by Berkeley Warmist Posing as Skeptic: NB

New York Times Reporter Natasha Lennard Is #OccupyWallStreet Activist, Supporter: BigG
WaPo ombud: Man, our Koch Bros hit piece was kind of unfair, huh?: Hot Air
Jack Welch: Obama Jobs Policies 'Crazy': FoxNation


'Stay Tuned for the Next Pro-Democracy Upheaval in the Middle East. It’ll Be the First One': JWF
What, Him Worry?: Driscoll
Egyptian TV: Jews Behind Spread of Depravity And Sin In The World; Have Brainwashed Europe: WZ

Priorities: Obama Offers Saudis Condolences From the Golf Course: Dossier
Q&A: The future of the Arab Spring?: Global Toronto
'Old Fuzzhead is Dead': iOTW

The Transnationalist Tell Behind America’s 2011 Protests: GardenSerf
The Death of Gaddafi: JPA
Eurozone summit - despair and backbiting in the corridors of power: Telegraph


Massive Child Pornography Server Taken Down By Anonymous, User Names Leaked: Mediate
Did Vegan Quackery Kill Steve Jobs?: First Things
Science fiction-style sabotage a fear in new hacks: AP


Finding Marizela: The Dread Void of Uncertainty: Malkin
Ninja standing in front of sign that says "Fight Me" leads to unexpected situation: CBS

This Week in Automotivators: RWN
Zombie Boy as you've never seen him before...with NO tattoos: DailyMail
Gun Control: Racist Motivations vs. Racist Outcomes: SNBQ

Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Herman Cain for President

QOTD: "Oh, he can do a lot about the economy. He could look at drilling for oil. He can, by himself, can drive that posture. He could put a moratorium on regulation until we've got unemployment below a certain level. He could do it. And he could, most importantly, change the posture. Everything we do in this administration is more punitive than it is incentivized. Let me give you a perfect example. Let's take the jobs bill. They put in there Section 371. That is an ability to sue for unemployed people who are out looking for a job to sue for $300,000, for example, if they hire Andrea who has a job and don't hire me, unemployed. It's crazy. They, they give a $4,000 incentive to hire an unemployed person, then they give a $300,000 penalty if you happen to discriminate against an unemployed person." --Jack Welch

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