Thursday, October 20, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Occupy Wall Street (Hearts) Wall Street

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Occupy Wall Street (Hearts) Wall Street: Coulter
CNN Blows the Lid Off ‘The Liberal Church of Herman Cain’: Driscoll
Romney's Latest Anti-Perry Ad Dishonest, Dishonorable: GWP

Report: Fed Directors Benefited From Bailouts: Exam
The GOP and RomneyCare: WSJ
Cain the Contender: RSM


5 reasons income inequality is a myth — and OWS is wrong: Pethokoukis
Envy Is the Problem: TAB
Panic stations: Bank's unanimous vote on QE bodes ill: Telegraph

Issa Blasts NLRB for withholding documents: Nice Deb
Biden: Pass Obama’s jobs bill or somebody is going to get raped: Knight
Wealth Redistributors Freak When Their Wealth Redistributed: Driscoll

A Moment of Candor From Harry Reid: Power Line
Obamacare likely to hurt less-skilled workers: Hot Air
Zbigniew Brzezinski's Enemies List: IBD


Hey, Occupy Wall Street: What, No Anti-Obama Signs?: Elder
Anti-Semitic Teacher Filmed at OWS Fired by LAUSD: AmPower
American Nazi Party: OWS Fervor "Sweeping The Land Like a Breath of Cleansing Air!”: WZ

Gunrunner & Energygate

Energy Department Altering On-Line Press Releases About "Green" Energy Loans: Ace
Solyndra: IRS gave company individualized tax breaks: NRO
Gunwalker: The Third Gun: Owens

SSI Exclusive: OIG "investigation" a "total sham that will go on forever.": Sipsey
Napolitano on ATF Fast and Furious: "We're waiting for the Inspector General": Attkisson
Obama Energy Dept. Literally Re-writing Solyndra History; Will Media Report?: NB

Climate & Energy

EU Leak Shows Wind, Solar Energy to Double Power Bills: Instapundit
Al Gore Attempts High School Science. Hilarity Ensues: Ace
The DOE Is Acting Kremlinesque: Betsy


Letter to the Republican Presidential Candidates from a Former Democrat: Simon
ABC Touts Tapper's Question to Obama on Children's Books, Spikes His Fast and Furious Query: NB
Left sees Solyndra coverage and asks, ‘Where’s Keystone?’: Politico

Obama: "I'm Enormously Proud of" Myself... "All the Choices [I've] Made Have Been Right": PunditPress
Vote For Obama Because He's Black: Thomas
A Picture Is Worth 10,000... eh... Dollars: Wizbang

The Beast That Ate the News Cycle: Instapundit
R.I.P., America’s liberal-media elite: MarketWatch
Joe Biden to Jason Mattera: 'Don't Screw Around With Me' : JWF


I’m Baffled. What’s He Up To?: Ledeen
Poll: Only 39% of Jewish Voters In Deep-Blue NYC Approve of Obama's Israel Policies, 55% Disapprove: WZ
Burglary arrests in San Antonio terror related?: Hot Air


Highest Paid IT Executives: CIO Insight
Uh oh: “Son of Stuxnet” now circulating online: Hot Air
F-35B: “Running When We Intended to Crawl”: DefTech


Snappy Retorts Throughout History: Ace
Wednesday Night War Porn: WZ
"GAAP-uccino" - David Einhorn's Full Short Green Mountain Coffee Presentation: ZH

Image: Green Mountains - "Don't Be That Idiot"
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Michele Bachmann for President

QOTD: "We still don’t know:

• who came up with Operation Fast and Furious;
• the identities of the Justice, Homeland Security, State, and Treasury officials that approved the operation;
• why the acting DOJ inspector general has not recused herself from the DOJ investigation considering her past legal work with Eric Holder, a seemingly clear conflict of interest;
• how four cabinet-level agencies could run a high risk, low chance of success operation without the White House approving and monitoring the operation;
• why officials running the plot felt compelled to “dirty up” an ATF agent by forcing him to use taxpayer dollars to buy six Draco pistols and to deliver them personally to cartel weapons smugglers in hopes his involvement would keep him from testifying;
• why the agencies involved refuse to answer direct questions from congressmen and senators who have asked whether there were gunwalking programs in other states.

It appears that the primary mission of Eric Holder’s Department of Justice is to insulate President Obama’s political appointees from the consequences of their actions, and to obstruct the pursuit of justice by Congress as much as possible." --Bob Owens

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