Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Obama's “Mini” Jobs Bill: a $35 Billion Union Bailout

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Obama's “Mini” Jobs Bill: a $35 Billion Union Bailout: Malkin
Clark Clifford Republicans: Lord
Obama Fundraising Redux: Campaign Stimulus?: Patterico

Ennui on Wall Street: Dewey
The Three Phases of Civil Unrest: Big Peace
My New Hero Shuts Down Wind Farm: Soylent Green

Drunkblogging Tonight’s GOP Debate: Vodkapundit
Analysis Of CNN’s Nevada Debate: The Winners And Losers: RWN
Debate Score: Perry for the Win: Tatler


Occupy Events Nationwide Marred by Assault Reports: VS
Marxist Mobocracy: Times
Occupy LA: Kooks and Commies and Creeps, Oh My: Zombie

World’s most ineffectual revolutionary recruiter: Zombie
Felon armed with rifle arrested at Occupy Seattle: GWP
Are You Smarter Than a Wall Street Occupier?: NYMag


Headed to Disaster: Treasury Report on FY 2011 Deficit: VirtRep
Wall Street Protesters Are Half Right: Stossel
Obama and the OWS Protesters: Regan

Pitting Us Against Each Other: RWN
Gov. Brown puts unions ahead of citizens, again: UnionWatch
European Banks Vow $1 Trillion Shrinkage: Bloomberg

Gunrunner & Energygate

The Media's Green Whitewash: Bozell
‘Fast & Furious’: How botched operation spawned fatal results: Times
DOJ Accuses Issa of 'Mischaracterizing' Evidence in Probe of Operation Fast and Furious: Fox


Obama: My opponents fail to lead while I am in power: Times
A State-Sponsored Revolution: Winter Soldier
Dour Denninger Dumps on Yours Truly — and Pajamas Media: Blumer

Herman Cain: Runaway Slave: Marcus
Fake signatures may mean Obama didn't actually qualify in Indiana in '08: SBTrib
Sums Things Up Nicely: Wizbang


Iranians Win 4,453 ‘Diversity Visa’ Applications to Immigrate to U.S.: Bruce
Houston Hyatt Place Hotel caves to Islamic supremacist intimidation, cancels Pamela Geller event: JihadWatch
The Moral Vertigo of Ban Ki-Moon: PJM

A "Must See" Heart Wrenching Video of Moral Deterioration in China: Mish (Caution: Graphic)
Pro-Israel Activists Take on SJP at Columbia University: NoisyRm
More Trouble in France: Mayotte Riots: PJM


Google Encrypts Search to Thwart Wi-Fi Hackers: Wired
Dropbox Raises $250M In Funding, Boasts 45 Million Users: Crunch
Three killer deals on 1st-gen iPads: CNet


Occupy the White House 2012: We’re Not Leaving: MOTUS
Obamacare's a Trap!: Modicum of Insanity
Where's my certified letter? My telephone conversation from hell with a postal supervisor: Marathon

Image: Zero Hedge
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Michele Bachmann for President

QOTD: "Italy and Spain together have just under €2.5 trillion worth of general government debt outstanding. Tradable Spanish and Italian sovereign debt alone amounts to €2.1 trillion. Adding Greece, Ireland and Portugal raises general government debt to €3.1 trillion and tradable government debt to €2.6 trillion. Adding Belgium would raise these totals to €3.5 trillion and €2.9 trillion. In the perhaps unlikely case that France would need sovereign debt insurance, targeting the stocks rather than the flows would require taking care of €5.1 trillion of gross sovereign debt or €4.3 trillion of tradable government debt.

These numbers are beyond the size of even the most optimistic estimates of the most audacious of rescue umbrellas." --Tyler Durden

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BTW, Cincinnati arrested the Occupy protesters who stayed in Piatt park past its 10pm closing.