Sunday, October 16, 2011

Unfortunately all-too-real photos: #OWS protesters defecate on, stomp on American flag [Updated]

Among the formal supporters of the "Occupy Wall Street" movement are the Democrat Congressional Committee, Communist Party USA, the American Nazi Party, George Soros, ACORN, the SEIU, and the Obama White House.

And this is "the movement" in action *:

Yes, this is an OWS supporter defecating on the American flag. *

Lest you think this is an aberration, please consider this:

And then there's this:

OWS is fully supported by the Democrat Party, which has been completely and utterly subsumed by the radical left.

Remember in 2012.

* Update and correction: The first photo appears to have been taken in 2007 during an anti-war march in Portland.

Update II: Obama-Endorsed Group Sings “F*** the USA”

Hat tip: JTT.


Katielee4211 said...

Subsumed and orchestrated. How disgusting. One thing you can say about this, is the Progressive left's warped beliefs and behavior stands out. With a very stark and ugly contrast.

Anonymous said...

Apparently this picture was taken back in 2007.


Robert said...

What Anonymous said. It was a Portland, OR protest of some sort. I'm in Seattle, and it got a lot of play in the conservative community up here, which is dwarfed by the left thinking spunkwads that would find this funny.

Hey, THEY didn't defend the flag, ever. It holds no meaning for them.

Anonymous said...

That's a fairly well known picture in the conservo blogospere, Dougie. How could it not be?

Looks like you got caught with your pants down on this one.

Robert said...

the current DemocRat Party IS the new Nazi Party. they are one and the same, just going slower this time round. they are both Nazional Socialists, that's all the word "nazi" means.

here are some passages from an study I'm writing on the eerie similarities between the 1930's Nazional Socialism in Germany and the Nazional Socialism of Democrats in America 2011:

1930s Germany – Nazi police state made up its own laws for their own benefit.
2011 Democrats – elected officials ignore and refuse to enforce laws they don’t like; they fabricate reasons not to enforce said laws, i.e. immigration invasion; make up their own self-serving unconstitutional laws to control the citizens (Obamacare; cap and trade; global warming fraud); stealing from citizens under the guise of compassion and fees and regulations and the environment and any other reason they can make up for their own benefit.

1930s Germany – Adolf Hitler dissolved the existing Weimar Republic constitution and acted with impunity until the nation was destroyed
2011 Democrats – despite operating in a nation which has a very specific Constitution precisely limiting government and providing clear checks and balances against socialist or royalist tyranny, this political party loves and worships government above all else and thus considers the US Constitution a severe threat to their goals of making the US into a National Socialist statist regime for all time; they consciously lie about the Constitution, claiming it does not say what it clearly says, and claiming it says things it does not say; they ignore constitutional limitations on government in their endless push for socialism; they go out of their way to ridicule the Constitution and those who value it; they claim it is changeable and irrelevant to modern day life (because it limits their power and limits their ability to act against citizens) for no reason other than they wish it to be so.

1930s Germany – Jewish people persecuted on a historic scale; Holocaust
2011 Democrats – conservatives are their Jews, targets of their constant hate speech, smears and vituperation; they hate real Jews too, they are called Israelis. oh and now Jewish bankers and traders.

1930s Germany – Adolf Hitler deified as der Fuhrer and granted god-like status and powers by a deceived public; swastika icons omnipresent.

2011 Democrats – Barack Hussein Obama deified as a “messiah” and granted god-like status by state-controlled media over the objections of 47% of the undeceived public; O icons omnipresent, overshadowing or eliminating the American flag in most instances.

1930s Germany – the state brutally policed the speech of all citizens to enforce compliance with the Nazi state; Gestapo

2011 Democrats – invented a fake speech control called “political correctness” to silence and cow the public and to demonize and smear conservatives who oppose them; only Democrats are allowed to judge speech; certain kinds of speech which may expose truths they are desperate to keep quiet are criminalized as “hate speech”

same thugs, different decade.....

The_Bad said...

I always get a kick out of it when the Media Mutters drones call you “Dougie”.

I’m sure Doug is quite embarrassed that he mistook a photo of a filthy leftist shitbag protester from 2007 for a filthy leftist shitbag protester from 2011. I’m sure there were cheers of joy emanating from the basements of disappointed parents homes all across this land when word of this got out.

Anonymous said...

The Occupy Boston crowd spit on an active duty female member of the U.S.C.G

"By their deeds you shall know them"

Anonymous said...

The Bad:

You'd think at some point that the Liberals would be a little embarrassed that there are so many photos of leftists crapping during protests, that other people get them confused.

Trialdog said...

Re: The update and correction.
Doesn't matter. The story is still true. All the same people and groups that support the OWS protestors, without reservation, supported the "anti-war" protestors in 2007, without reservation.

DavidD said...

That thing in the 2nd photo looks like a cheap imitation of an American flag--the stripes aren't right; there seem to be two red stripes in a row in the middle and then a white stripe at the bottom.

I wonder where it was made.

The_Bad said...

The American liberal has no requirement of embarrassment. This is evident in the way they teach our children, i.e. everyone wins and nobody loses. This is evident in the way they report the news, i.e. Tea Party protests are racist and dangerous; “Occupy” protests are courageous blah, blah, blah. You would think that they would be embarrassed because you would be if people on your side behaved in this manner. The simple truth is that they are not embarrassed because our society-at-large has yet to publicly scorn their behavior. If the media performed their duties as they should, democrats would be running from this as they would a burning building.

P.S. Bacon is the most complete food on earth.

Paul said...

Trialdog: Uh, it kind of does matter. Doug made the quite substantial claim that OWS protesters were defecating and stomping on the American flag, and went as far as to emphasise in the headline that it was 'all-too-real'. He was wrong. Your response to this error is a half-arsed example of the No True Scotsman defense.

Personally I don't have much love for the OWS idea, but I think we can do better than make stuff up about the protesters.

I don't think much of Doug's correction either. If a small fact was wrong, it's justified to slip in a small line at the end. But the "correction" undermines the entire point of the post. Blog-convention dictates that in this case, the correction should be much more visible: like at the top of the article, so no-one coming to this page could possibly leave with the impression that the original story was correct.

Anonymous said...

The Bad

That wasn't a Medis Matters troll that made the joke about Doug getting caught with his pants down. You can tell by the fact that there was an element of humor in the post, something which liberals, aside from a handful designated media court jesters, are incapable of. I'll put my name down this time. I've posted here before and I've called him Dougie as well.

The whole point of this post, aside from Doug covering his ass (baroomp ching!)is not to jump to conclusions

anonymous Lennie

QueMan said...

Hey Dougie!!! (snicker...snicker...snicker...dougie...snicker...snicker...snicker/sarc)

Do us all a favor please? Keep it to read the obots reaction to yesterdays (and I mean yesterday like the 16th of October) is the one time after work I get a real belly buster going!!!

(Hat tip to The Bad...dougie...snicker...snicker...snicker!!!)

Anonymous said...

I said it once and ill say it again, that second picture isn't even a fucking American flag. Quit trying to stir up shit you yellow journalist.

Mountain Justice said...

The funny part about this totally bullshit blog post is that the #1 supporter in the US Senate of the American right to desecrate an American flag is a Republican - Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell, who says this flag burning is a free speech/first amendment issue. There was an attempt to pass an amendment to the constitution to ban flag burning in 2006.

TIME Magazine June 27 2006 wrote:

McConnell took a classically conservative position on the amendment. He argued that Senators have to make a choice: protect the flag, which is a symbol of freedom, or protect the constitution, which is the literal source of American freedoms. In a recent editorial, McConnell wrote, "The First Amendment, which protects our freedom of speech, is the most precious part of the Bill of Rights. As disgusting as the ideas expressed by those who would burn the flag are, they remain protected by the First Amendment."

Read more: Why the Flag-burning Ban Failed - TIME,8599,1208509,00.html#ixzz2t9yw5Vib

Ed Darrell said...

Gee, Robert. If only your conservative buddies had listened to you before voting in 2016.