Friday, October 21, 2011

Illustrated: Inside the Obama 2008 Money-Laundering Machine

A year in advance of the momentous 2012 elections, it's worth revisiting the 2008 campaign that brought Barack Obama to power. In particular, the Obama campaign took an unprecedented series of steps to allow illegal campaign contributions and electronic money laundering.

Imagine a campaign website that intentionally turned off all credit-card security, which allowed the entry of fake names and addresses for donations. Obama's 2008 fundraising website intentionally allowed this to occur.

Imagine a campaign that accepted made-up credit-card numbers, which were probably tried one after another until valid card numbers were found. Obama's 2008 fundraising website intentionally allowed this to occur.

Or a campaign that retained forged computer addresses for its donations instead of the addresses of the real donors. Obama's 2008 fundraising website intentionally allowed this to occur.

Or a campaign that accepted untraceable prepaid cash cards that could easily have been used to evade contribution limits or mask contributor identities. Obama's 2008 fundraising website intentionally allowed this to occur.

Or a campaign that secretly shared donor lists with Project Vote and ACORN, the latter a group reportedly under a RICO investigation for multi-state vote fraud involving hundreds of thousands of fraudulent registrations and other misdeeds. Obama's 2008 fundraising operation allegedly did just that.

Now imagine hundreds of millions of dollars in undisclosed, suspect donations orchestrated by foreign nationals and other persons unknown. Obama's 2008 fundraising website intentionally allowed this sort of activity to occur.

Roughly two-thirds of Barack Obama’s record haul derived from a website that intentionally disabled all security checks that prevent basic fraud. In other words, his website facilitated crooked donations complete with fake names, phony addresses, no donation limits, untraceable cards and bogus computer addresses.

Let me repeat that last point. The Obama campaign's website intentionally allowed the use of fake computer addresses (known in the tech world as IP addresses). In my opinion, there is only one reason a website would allow the submission of a fake IP address: money-laundering. Logging of the true IP address would mean that the real source (including the city and country) of the contribution could be traced. Allowing a fake address to be logged instead would prevent authorities from ascertaining the true origin of the donation.

These deliberate steps permitted the Obama campaign to accept illegal co-mingled funds, illegal foreign contributions and illegal structured donations.

In 2012, I urge you to be on the look-out for this kind of diabolical rule-breaking as a desperate Democrat Party scrabbles to hold onto power.


Barry Popik said...

GA--Gaza or Georgia, we're going through that again?

Dell said...

Doug, This is just too good to break up in small pieces. It needs to be spread far, wide and often between now and next November. Will you permit it to be reposted as is?

directorblue said...

Dell, sure. Feel free.

Anonymous said...

Great work !!!!!!!