Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Awesome news: GM now using taxpayer dollars to award teachers "Green Educator" prizes consisting of unsellable Chevy Volts

Looking for an unholy alliance between the climate change scam, the teachers' unions and Government Motors?

Well, Sweet Fancy Moses, we've got it -- all on the taxpayers' dime, mind you (remember, GM still owes taxpayers roughly $40 billion):

A local science teacher has passed his knowledge on to students, and now General Motors is passing an award on to him.

Officials from GM's Genesee County plants handed out the award, and with it, the keys to one of the greenest cars around...

...It was a big surprise for Beecher biology teacher Don Hammond.

The car is a bonus to the Chevrolet "Green Educator of the Year award," a new award focusing on environmental education.

"Students, the next generation of adults coming up, need to understand that they do need to take that to heart and try and make a difference," said Hammond. "So being environmental stewards and learning about social justice and those kinds of things as young adults. That's really what it's all about."

Great. That's just what young scientists must learn to succeed in the cutthroat global competition: "social justice".

What a freaking disaster.

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Anonymous said...

The joke will be on teacher. he will 1et a 1099 for $40k, the "market value" of the car and have to pay taxes on it of say $10K, and won't be able to sell the Volt to pay for the taxes.