Saturday, October 22, 2011

Occupy Wall Street's latest popcorn-passing hilarity: protesters occupy Obama crony Jeff Immelt's front lawn

I can just see General Electric's CEO now, screeching from his porch: "Don't you know who I am???"

Occupy Wall Street protesters took a field trip from Zuccotti Park on Saturday morning, all the way to the wealthy suburban enclave of New Canaan, Conn., where they took their anger at income and tax disparity to GE CEO Jeff Immelt’s front lawn.

“In the land of the free they tax me but not G.E.!” read the invitation to protesters to take an hour bus ride to Immelt’s family home. “General Electric made billions last year; they paid no taxes, outsourced thousands of jobs, and got over $3 billion in tax refunds! Join us on a free bus trip to G.E’s CEO’s front lawn to see how our friends in the 1% live.”

...A crowd of about 100 protesters, both from New York and local offshoot Occupy New Haven, spent the afternoon standing outside Immelt’s 6-bedroom, 10-bathroom, $5.25 million home. Photos from local news site New Canaan Patch show a police officer guarding Immelt’s gates while protesters hold placards reading “Mr. Immelt, Meet the 99%” and “Jobs Not Bailouts”...

GE's CEO is one of President Obama's biggest supporters and the current poster-child for crony capitalism. From Chevy Volts, to Obamacare, to selling critical aircraft technologies to Red China, Immelt's been at the heart of it all.

Oh. And Immelt "actually came out in support of the Occupy Wall Street movement last week at a Thomson Reuters event in New York."

I love the smell of blue-on-blue napalm in the morning (or evening, in this case).


Dan said...

Could we be so lucky that the protestors show up in front Mika and Joes' abodes next?

Jim - PRS said...

Karma. Sweet.

David said...

First sensible thing these drones have done yet.