Saturday, October 15, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Half of Obamacare's deficit reduction wiped out

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Half of Obamacare's deficit reduction wiped out: Exam
Not "Inevitable": Pundette
Heed the 99 Percent: Lowry

Obama surges to another new record: GWP
600,000 Illegal Aliens May Be Registered To Vote In Texas: CitRep
More on the Perry Plan: Cold Fury

Mitt Romney’s Troubling Appointments: RS
Why is Obama worsening our nation’s polarization?: Gerson
Coast Guard member spit on at Occupy Boston: FoxBoston


Perry's Energy Plan Gets Government Out of the Way: Tatler
Detroit Holds Ex-Cons-Only Jobs Fair: NBC Chicago
Pelosi Left Out of Leaders Meeting on Super Committee: RollCall

More Alarming Shipping News: Mish
US to Play 'Very Major Role' In Helping Europe: Geithner: CNBC
Greece Is So Last Week – Now It's All About Spain: FXstreet

Gunrunner & Energygate

"Grenade-walking" part of "Gunwalker" scandal: Attkisson
‘Hiding in plain sight’—How did Obama know about ‘Gunwalker’ before Holder?: Codrea
In Holder Subpoena, Issa Also Probes White House Press Aide: RollCall

Fast and Furious update: I’d walk a grenade for you, yeah, yeah, yeah: Malkin
Lanny Davis defends Gunwalker. Which tells you Hillary is in it up to her eyeballs: SSI
Fast and Furious Demonstrates ‘Ruling Class,’ Country Divide: PJM

Climate & Energy

Grim News: Nine Billion People Will Die of Global Warming This Century: JWF
EPA's CO2 Endangerment Finding is Endangered: AT
Gun Groups Decry 'Unacceptable' Proposal to Ban Target Shooting on Western Parkland: Fox


Violence shows Andrew Breitbart was right: Surber
Is this the weasel way of saying “you smell bad and you scare me?”: Bookworm
Did Ron Paul's eyebrows fall off during the Dartmouth debate?: Mediate

This means war -- eventually: Cold Fury
Sean Penn Calls Tea Party the ‘Get the N-Word Out of the White House Party’ Which Wants to ‘Lynch’ Obama: NB
James Wolcott’s Blog Is Full of Fresh, Penetrating Observation: Conservatory

#OccupyLA Protester: 'Zionist Jews Running The Banks Need To Be Run Out Of The Country': MBT
Hollywood Versus Emilio Estevez: RWN
Anti-Semitism at the Occupy Wall Street protests?: Althouse


The Islamization of London: A Photo Tour: Gates
Koran-burning Ann Barnhardt's appearance before Loveland group scrapped: Loveland Reporter-Herald
A pact signed in Jewish blood: Glick

Obama's Disastrous Foreign Policy: Missing Libya Missiles Turn Up in Gaza: Atlas
Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize Decides To Fight Another War In Uganda: RWN
Sweet: U.S. Airstrike Vaporizes Egyptian Son of “Blind Sheikh” Fighting In Afghanistan: WZ

The Diminishing Returns of Reasonableness: RWN
French Government Bond Yields Widen to Record vs. Germany; Portugal Faces National Emergency: Mish
Uganda’s power outages spark scrutiny, criticism: Times


Verizon Admits It’s Tracking Your Location and More for Better Ads and Market Reporting: Blaze
Google Engineer Calls Google+ a Complete Failure: Minyanville
One Smart Phone, Two Personalities: TechReview


Man Posts Story On Reddit, Gets Movie Deal: Mediate
Ancient Green History: Chevy Volt No Better Than 115-Year-Old Car: RightPundits
Obama Using His Twitter Account To Sell SEIU Swag: WZ

Image: Stylite: 'Did Ron Paul’s Eyebrows Fall Off During This Week’s GOP Debate?'
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QOTD: ""(W)e conclude that there is substantial uncertainty about what would follow if solvency or legal problems prevented the CLASS program, once operational, from continuing to implement the plan," the report reads. "We cannot with any confidence predict that the CLASS program would beable to honor its commitments to individuals who had already enrolled or entered beneficiarystatus in the program, or avoid leaving them worse off, or that such individuals would be able to recoup their paid premiums." --HHS Report on the CLASS Act

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