Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: OWS Is Almost Entirely Socialist/Marxist

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OWS Is Almost Entirely Socialist/Marxist: Ace
Obama and Occupy Wall Street Are One: DLimbaugh
Occupy Wall Street Defaces 9/11 Memorial Statue: PndtPrs

Obama Fist Bumps The Occupiers: Dossier
Occupy: Does anyone care about the anti-Semitism?: JRubin
Figures: CPUSA leader also Obama organizer: GWP


Obama: GOP Plan Means Dirty Air, Water, and No Health Care: Malkin
Crowd at non-campaign rally chants "Four more years!": Pundette
Lemme check--Yep, O still campaigning on taxpayers' tab: Hot Air

So. Okay to call this unpatriotic?: ProWis
Romney’s Bad Appointments Are Starting to Add Up: Tatler
10 Reasons You Should Vote for Herman Cain: AllAm


Obama Launches Cultural Warfare: Koffler
Why Is Class Hatred Morally Superior to Race Hatred?: Prager
Damn All This Progress!: Hayek

When Capitalism Fails You, Demand More: Hayward
Outsourcing Hits India: Mead
The Investment Risk That Obama Poses: NewsMax

Gunrunner & Energygate

Solyndra won’t talk about its contracts: Times
Issa: Holder hiding Fast and Furious facts: CBS
Solyndra debacle may be just the start: TMCnet

Climate & Energy

Obama Science Czar Led UN Effort to Hide Proceedings, Subvert FOIA, Records Indicate: CEI
Perry's Jobs Plan: Drill, Baby, Drill: IBD
BREAKING: An IPCC backchannel was established to hide IPCC deliberations from FOIA: Watts


Media Study: We're Too Damn Biased Against Obama: Ace
Herman Cain nailed "Meet the Press.": Althouse
C-SPAN’s Washington Journal: A Platform for Defaming Israel and the Jewish People: CAMERA

So NOW it’s okay to report on Occupy Wall Street’s lack of racial diversity: Malkin
Harbinger: Jesse Jackson Jr. shares his thoughts on how to fix the economic crisis: Belmont Club
Mine Enemy Grows Older: American Digest

To Live or Die 'On the Floor': Cal Thomas
Denninger Is Right: Barnhardt
Heritage to Co-Host Debate with AEI, CNN: Foundry


America’s Future Tomorrow, Today In Greece! Part 471: RWN
London Exchange Access Curbed as Protests Spread: Bloomberg
Japan Intercepting Record Numbers of Chinese Planes: DefTech

France Risks AAA Rating on EFSF Leverage; Spotlight on Portugal, the Next to Fail: Mish
In Jordan and Gaza, Opposition to Teaching of Holocaust Studies at UNRWA Schools: MEMRI
A Muslim's journey: From antisemite to Zionist: JihadWatch


Abu Dhabi Traffic Accidents Dropped 40% During the BlackBerry Outage: Wire
Twitter CEO: 250 million tweets a day--now what?: CNet
Should iPhone 3GS owners upgrade to iOS 5?: CNet


Godspeed SSG Robert B. "Brian" Cowdrey: BlackFive
Michelle Offends the British: Surber
James Bond's Actual Rolex Watch Hits The Auction Block: Insider

Image: Looking at the Left
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QOTD: "An Israeli soldier held for more than five years by the militant Palestinian group Hamas was traded on Tuesday for hundreds of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails in an elaborate trade that could shake up regional politics." --Ethan Bronner

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