Sunday, October 30, 2011

Photo: Speaker of the House and Senate Majority Leader Greet One Another, December 2012

Wouldn't this pair blow a few minds?

With Senator John Kyl vacating his post in 2012 and the Palin family moving to Scottsdale, wouldn't the former governor make an outstanding replacement? I mean, not only for Kyl, but for the anti-charismatic Mitch McConnell as well?

And it goes without saying: Rep. Allen West should be the House Speaker. No one else, save Paul Ryan perhaps, carries the conservative leadership mantle as well.


juandos said...

Well I'd be a happier citizen knowning there were two people in Congress who had a grip on reality and your choice of Palin and Allen would suit me just fine!

Mt Top Patriot said...

Two beautiful Americans who are undisputed champions of the people. The Honorable Congresswoman Mrs. Palin?
That dynamic changes the entire make up of Congress regardless of which party controls it. Sarah is a force not to be denied, something very serious to be reckoned with.
She alone has the capability to bring solidarity to the true conservative part of America denigrated and dismissed as worthless by the elites.

ConJob said...

Match made in heaven!

Anonymous said...

Alway enjoy visits to your site. Thank you for the work you do here.

Just food for thought. Constitutionally, The Speaker Of the House does not need to be a sitting member of congress. It can be anyone.

Anonymous said...

I've had a Palin/West 2012 sticker on my truck for 5 months-since Sarah isn't going to participate in the ultimate good vs evil matchup in our lifetimes, I would be tickled pink to see her and Congressman West leading Congress-OMGoodness!

Heartlander said...