Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Odd Coincidence: Same Democrats Supporting #OccupyWallStreet Have Also Received the Most Contributions From... Wall Street

Stinky, street-defecating, Marxist hippies hardest hit:

Despite their support of the Occupy Wall Street movement, (who, unlike the Tea Party, believe government is the answer to our economic problems), Democrats have enjoyed large paychecks from the industry.

...the President’s funds are much higher. He’s actually raised $3.9 million just this year so far. But, he has raised nearly $12 million in Wall Street donations for the DNC. In total, that’s more than all the Republican Presidential candidates combined have received from Wall Street...

Damn Democrats: they broke my Hypocrisy-Meter again.


Anonymous said...

Sorry Biff, but since Democrats have no shame, Hypocrisy cannot be applied to them.

Anonymous said...

So you're saying some Democrats have been critical of Wall Street even though they have accepted campaign contributions from them. That sounds a little like a list of politicians whose vote doesn't automatically get sold to the highest bidder. What am I missing here?