Friday, October 28, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Dems' hot new talking point: it’s the 'Republican Congress'

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Dems' Hot New Talking Point: It’s The 'Republican Congress': Hot Air
Shut Up, Part II: iOTW
Obama Rips America Again: Tatler

Obama Truly Is The First Un-American President: Riehl
How To Speak Liberal: 20 Words And Phrases Translated: RWN
Shredding Kathleen Sebelius: RWN

Do not Ignore the Most Dangerous Story of the Week: John Galt
Is the POTUS Stirring Up a Revolution?: AT
Bravo, Richmond Tea Party: Tatler


Is it true that the poor ye always have with you?: Bookworm
Michelle to hold fund-raiser at Enron trader’s mansion: Surber
Obama's Student Loan Fraud: EIB

EU's Debt Deal Doesn't End The Crisis: IBD
FLOTUS Attending Fundraiser At Home of Ex-Enron Executive: WZ
MetLife: Fed Blocks Dividend Increase, Buyback Plans: InsJrnl

Gunrunner & Energygate

BREAKING: PJ Media Finds Gunwalker’s ‘Unreachable’ Man in the White House: PJM
Holder's 'Right To Lie': IBD
Clinton: DOJ didn't give State a ‘heads up’ about Fast and Furious : Hill

Climate & Energy

Occupy EPA, Not Wall Street: IBD
Romney silent as his ‘green quarterback’ pushes coal regulations inside Obama’s EPA: DC
Climate scientists and their excuses: WUWT

Occupy Idiocy

David Duke Endorses #OWS!: Moe Lane
Andy Thayer, under investigation by the FBI for possible terror ties, speaks at OccupyChicago: Marathon
Grand Wizard of KKK Endorses #OWS, Neo-Nazis Patrol #OccupyPhoenix With AR-15s, Media Silent: GWP


James O'Keefe Scores Another Hit: Ace
Carney: Obama Exercising His Executive Authority To Help Americans: RCP
NBC's Matt Lauer Urges Obama to Prevent Unfair 'Income Distribution': NB

Fareed Zakaria : You Know, We Are Being Way Too Hard On Iran: Ace
CNN’s John King Defends Joe Biden’s Honor; Demands Satisfaction: Malkin
Did Obama appointee access confidential database in effort to smear Perry as an “Islamophobe”?: NRO

A New Level of Hypocrisy: Ace
My Challenge to Paul Krugman: Cafe Hayek
Jennifer Rubin is Not a Conservative and Erick Erickson is Not an Anti-Semite: Lid


Did the Libyan Leadership Deceive the West?: JCPA
Grave New World: Camp of the Saints
Israel’s Energy Discovery: Game-Changer?: Spyer

WAAAAAAAAAH!!! CAIR Says Allen West “Fueling Bigotry And Intolerance”: WZ
Unreal. Muslims File Suit – Say Crosses at Catholic University Are Offensive: GWP
Learning from Hamas: using human shields: Pollak

Boxing Brothers on the Soviets' Communist Propaganda: Instapundit
Rescuing Europe: A Solution or a Stopgap?: RCP
Our Libyan Adventure: NRO


Who Else Was Hit by the RSA Attackers?: Krebs
Rep. Lofgren: Copyright bill is the 'end of the Internet': CNet
Six Deadly Security Blunders Businesses Make: Dark Reading


The 10 Funniest Occupy Wall Street “I Am The 99%” Parody Pics: RWN
Hornady Manufacturing Has You Covered For All Your Needs: iOTW
Moshe Rabbeinu and NASA: Rabbi Lazer Brody

Rice, Beans and Candy: Thank You Dear Leader!: MOTUS
The Last, Hard, Line: CivilLibert
Flogging Tribal Wisdom: SHN

Image: The real 99% - a slum in Jakarta
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Herman Cain for President

QOTD: "In the good old days, Greece would simply default on its debt: the drachma would hit the floor, and everyone would go there for a cheap holiday – helping export its way to recovery. That’s how economies are supposed to work. But now, Greece is trapped within the eurozone, and being treated with German fiscal medicine. To rub salt in the wound, the bail-out has little to do with saving Greece, and far more with saving the foreign banks that foolishly loaned its government 130 billion euros.

This has, entirely understandably, reawakened old concerns about German strength. In 1997, Martin Feldstein, a Harvard academic, predicted precisely this: that the contradictions within the euro would not just lead to its collapse, but to the return of nationalism. His analysis, dismissed as fantasy at the time, looks dangerously plausible now." --Fraser Nelson

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