Sunday, October 30, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: How Can Holder Keep Holding On?

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How Can Holder Keep Holding On?: AT
Liberal Indulgences: Hanson
Pelosi's pitch to donors: turning point in 2012: Hill

Everything old is old again: ProWis
It took too long to get a Herman Cain: RWN
Obama Uses OWS Language, Rails Against “Top 1%”: WZ


“If I Lose Custody, I Lose My Check”: Virtuous
The Answer Is a Balanced Budget Amendment: AmSpec
Communist-progressive team fights cuts to budget: AmPower

Adult Babies: Steyn
How Harrisburg Borrowed Itself Into Bankruptcy: WSJ
The mayor's millionaire club-Rahm's inner sanctum: ChiReader

Gunrunner & Solyndra

Did major Gunwalker figure hand over documents?: Examiner
Hillary: DOJ Did Not Seek License to Send Guns to Mexico: CNS
Napolitano queried on lack of ‘Fast and Furious’ probe: Times


Occupy Denver Turns Violent: JWF
#OccupyWallStreet: The Rap Sheet, So Far: BigJ
Never Ending Supply - Howard Stern Exposes More Idiots at Occupy Wall Street. #OWS: Sharp Elbows

Climate & Energy

Gore Effect Hits Occupiers: Sunday Is Climate Justice Day: RWN
Best Confirms Global Temperature Standstill : GWPF
Central Park in NYC Sets October Record for Snow: CNS


Levin: Boehner Has ‘Poisoned’ Two-Thirds Of Tea Party-Elected Congressmen: CNS
Inevitable: Jersey Shore for politicos coming soon: Hot Air
Des Moines Register Iowa Poll- Cain And Romney Basically Tied: Ace

The Best Summary Of The Politics I've Seen Thus Far: Denninger
Video: Steven Crowder on Occupy Wall Street Racism: MB
George Will column on Mitt Romney: 'Has conservatism come so far ... for THIS?': Politico

NBC and ABC Tout Injured Protester as 'Rallying Cry' for Occupy Wall Street: NB
Compare and Contrast: WZ
Texas Gun Store Bans Socialists, Obama Supporters in Radio Ad: GWP


Islam or Islamist?: McCarthy
Just moments after Hillary urges talks with Taliban, they kill more than a dozen U.S. soldiers: TAB
Herman Cain Channels John Bolton: Odysseus

Portugal Is Next: Improverished PIIG Demands US Assistance, Debt "Haircut" To Come Next: ZH
The Euro Bailout is Illegal: NRO
Why the latest eurozone bail-out is destined to fail within weeks: Telegraph

Palestinian Islamic Jihad Bombards Southern Israel With Grad Rockets, One Dead, Four Injured: WZ
British MP Forced to Hide After Muslim Extremists Storm Mosque During His Visit in North London: GWP
Libya: Al-Qaeda Flag Planted On Benghazi Courthouse: WZ


Escaping the Zombie Apocalypse By Air: Al Fin
16-foot python found in Florida had eaten a deer: MSNBC
Blue Coat confirms Syria used its Web filtering devices: CNet


Study Shows That Spending Time as a Hippie Leads to Heart Attacks in Later Life: AmDig
Book 'em, Mondo!: MOTUS
Ohio University’s Creepy ‘Anti-Racism’ Halloween Campaign Goes Horribly Wrong: SHN

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QOTD: "Long time government and political workers are blind to opportunities outside government. Being immersed in the process of the bureaucracy and extremely inexperienced in the real world, they fail to understand when change is needed or a dangerous line has been crossed. With well intentioned ignorance they slavishly follow the established process – sometimes to horrible results." --A.J. Strata

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