Monday, October 10, 2011

Terminal Stupidity: the California Story

Well, what the hell else would you call this:

...In California, illegal immigrants enrolling in college will be eligible for state scholarships and financial aid beginning next July.

Over the weekend, Gov. Jerry Brown signed the second portion of the state’s Dream Act into law. The legislation allows illegal immigrants who graduate from high schools in California to apply to the state’s public universities as residents, granting them a reduced tuition rate

...In light of the "Dream Act" passage, please consider California Nears Automatic Spending Cuts With Revenue $705 Million Short:

California’s revenue for the fiscal year that began three months ago has fallen $705 million below what Governor Jerry Brown and Democrats projected, approaching a level that may trigger automatic university spending cuts and higher community college fees...

...Education costs are poised to rise for everyone in California except illegal aliens who get a reduced rate. Is this a dream or a nightmare? The answer depends on whether or not you are an illegal alien (or a politician who gets elected pandering to them).

Illegal immigration costs Californians at least $10.4 billion a year.

Oh, and that figure was tallied before the state's insane "Dream Act", which rewards illegal immigration and encourages more of it.

If illegals were entering the state and taking Democrat legislators' jobs, I feel certain they wouldn't be quite so welcome.


Robert said...

and the Marxist Left again F's the American citizen to favor Third World Criminals who break and barge into our nation uninvited and unwelcome. giving them our college places and college money meant for our kids.

someone tell me how this is not going to lead to violence at some point? thugs take and take and take and tell you they won't enforce laws passed to protect you, oh and by the way we're taking money out of your wallet to give to the Invaders who are preying on you and driving drunk killing your mothers and raping your daughters.

how far can these Scum push us before we take no more?

Brown and all of the CA "elected officials" who voted for this Abortion should be arrested for treason, fraud and theft.

btw, notice that CA has a 100% incumbent reelection rate? just like Iran, Iraq and the Soviet Union.

so Citizens have Zero representation in this once-beautiful state that is now ruled and ruined by the Hateful Marxist/Mexican Cabal.

Doom said...


I wish, in a way, that Americans would turn to violence. The truth is, by the time they become violent, it will already be too late if it isn't already.

As for terminal stupidity, you have to ask what the group(s) who have created this debt and the self-perpetuating situations like creating incentives for illegal entrance into this nation and certain states are trying to do. If their goals match the reality, then it can't be called stupid. It must be called terminal. Read between the lines. Nero wasn't just an historical figure it seems.